sold on

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sell (one) on (something)

To convince or persuade one to do something or to accept some plan or idea. Often used in passive constructions. I can't believe he sold me on another one of his harebrained schemes. I just don't like the way their customer service agents try to sell you on extra policies or more expensive packages—that's the sales team's job. I wasn't sold on the idea until they showed me exactly how they planned to spend the money.
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sell on

To sell something, especially that which one has recently purchased or come to possess. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sell" and "on." I decided to sell on the computer the company had given me to help pay for a newer model. We buy the items in bulk from China at a discounted price, then sell them on individually for a profit.
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sold on (something)

Totally confident in or convinced of someone's or something's viability, veracity, appropriateness, skill, etc. I don't know, this plan still sounds pretty risky to me—I'm not sold on it yet. After seeing the presentation, I'm sold on this investment—let's go for it! A: "What do you think about the new quarterback?" B: "He's someone who's supposed to be the best in the league, but I'm not sold on him yet."
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sold on someone or something

convinced of the value of someone or something. I'm not yet sold on your idea. The crowd was sold on Gary. Nothing he had done or could do would cool their enthusiasm.
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