sell (one's) soul (to the devil)

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sell (one's) soul (to the devil)

To abandon one's values or morals in return for some highly desired benefit, typically success, power, wealth, etc. I'm afraid we've sold our soul to the devil by agreeing to this partnership. It will keep us in business, but at what cost to our clients? Don't sell your soul to get to the top, or else you'll find yourself all alone there.
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sell your soul

COMMON If someone sells their soul for something, they do whatever they need to in order to get that thing, doing things that they considered wrong before. As the Co-operative movement approaches its 150th anniversary, has it sold its soul to commercial pressures? Note: Sometimes people use the longer expression to sell your soul to the devil. His devoted fans thought he had sold his soul to the devil producing such commercial music. Note: There are many stories about people who sold their souls to the devil in return for wealth, success, or pleasure. The most famous is about Dr Faustus, whose story was first told in a book published in Germany in 1587, and later told by writers such as the English writer Marlowe and the German poet Goethe.
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sell your soul (to the devil)

do or be willing to do anything, no matter how wrong, in order to achieve your objective.
The reference here is to a contract supposedly made with the devil by certain people: in return for granting them all their desires in this life, the devil would receive their souls for all eternity. The most famous person reputed to have entered into such a contract was the 16th-century German astronomer and necromancer Faust, who became the subject of plays by Goethe and Marlowe and a novel by Thomas Mann .
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sell your ˈsoul

(informal, often humorous) do something morally or legally wrong in order to get something that you want very much: He’d sell his soul to get that job.
This expression refers to selling your soul to the devil in exchange for power, money, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
They say he sold his soul to the devil, and that he walks at times."
As the orphaned Marguerite, Perz is both swept up in love and then abandoned by Faust (French tenor Benjamin Bernheim), an aged scholar who sold his soul to the devil so he can be young again.
The play brings many classical myths on the stage again such as the myth of Faust who sold his soul to the devil. It was produced by The Alternative Theatre group, directed by Fathy al-Akkary, and written by Mariam al-Akkary.
Schein, a musician and guitar salesman, and Brite, an author, visual artist, and herbalist, describe how Schein discovered and attempted to authenticate a lost photo of Robert Johnson, a delta blues guitarist who is said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroad in exchange for his talent.
Builder Gary may as well have sold his soul to the devil as he succumbs to the temptation of a quick buck.
ISLAMABAD -- In its detailed judgment on the Panama Case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan compared Chairman National Accountability Bureau to a fictional character who 'sold his soul to the Devil'.
"He's sold his soul to the Devil, that one," we would say to each other in the pub, fingering the dimples on our pint pots, as keenly feathered darts thudded rhythmically into the board opposite.
The characters are, for the most part, deliciously complex, tethered at either extreme by Adams's angelic wife, Grace, and the shell of a man who sold his soul to the devil himself.
And, while it's good to see Kevin Bacon back on the screen as antagonist Hayes, his recent string of commercials might make you think he's already sold his soul to the Devil.
He would not be in power if he hadn't sold his soul to the devil, in his case the Tory party.
Alan Greenberg, a writer and film-maker, presents a gripping screenplay about Robert Johnson, the legendary blues guitarist said to have sold his soul to the devil to get so good at playing.
Clegg has sold his soul to the devil and it stinks to high heaven.
"He was such a good violin player that people thought he had sold his soul to the devil so he could get super powers."
To briefly recap; on his 21st birthday, slacker Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) discovered his parents had sold his soul to the Devil before he was born, and in return he was expected to do the Lord of Darkness' bidding or watch his mother pay the consequences.
Sam, 21, is shocked to discover his parents have sold his soul to the Devil.