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take solace in (something)

To be comforted or consoled by something. I know it's hard to see him this way, but you can take solace in the knowledge that your grandfather is not in any pain. I took solace in the fact that I would be leaving the job in just a few short months.
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take solace (in something)

to console oneself with some fact. I am inordinately impoverished, but I take solace in the fact that I have a splendiferous vocabulary.
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Solace has also developed WildTails, the first freeze-dried hemp-infused pet food, which includes pet treats, kibble, and food for dogs and cats, scheduled for release in Canada, the US, UK, and Japan later this year.
At Sanctuary, the quality of the treatment is on a par with Solace. The retreat is optimal in both location and amenities, where everyone will feel quite comfortable.
Solace is the only unified message broker that supports publish/subscribe, queuing, request/reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols across hybrid cloud and IoT environments.
Solace Cloud is a one-stop-shop messaging service for developers who are building microservices, IoT systems, and real-time data streaming or mobile applications.
While it is of little solace, the process of identifying the root causes of our circumstances started long ago.
"I started Solace nearly nine years ago with a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers," Ameer says, "My only intention was to do something for kids.
Tata Consultancy Services (BSE: 532540)(NSE: TCS) said it has partnered with Solace Systems, the leading provider of next generation messaging middleware solutions.
Minister Burton can take no solace in this poll but she should use it to fight for the hard-pressed voters who voted for the party.
The Irishman revealed the Silence of the Lambs actor was "one of his idols" after working with him on supernatural thriller Solace.
The 37-year-old is appearing with 76-year-old Hopkins in Solace, an upcoming supernatural thriller that also stars Australian actress Abbey Cornish and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Denny Duquette in long-running US medical drama Grey's Anatomy.
The Defence Ministry mourns the late pilot, prays be to Allah, the Almighty to grant him mercy and paradise, inspires his family patience and solace and to Him we return.
The only solace we can offer is that we wouldn't love summer this much if it weren't so fleeting and fine.
However, when he did, magic moments were made - the exhilarating car chase in 'Quantum of Solace', the ejector seat in 'Goldfinger' and the DB5's beauty among the stark Scottish Highlands in 'Skyfall'.
SOLACE showed up well in two decent turf events earlier this year and should find life much easier in the Football Bet In Play At Median Auction Maiden Stakes at Wolverhampton.