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List your test objects in order from softest to hardest.
According to Ben Stookesberry, a member of the team, "Although people have certainly perished upon hitting a pool of water from such heights, the team counted on the massive, gushing rivers of central Brazil to produce the softest water landings on Earth.
Urethanes are used to make a wide variety of products, ranging from the softest foams through the world's most effective thermal insulation, according to the sponsor.
With the ramps raised, the Platform Dolly is ready to be pushed over the softest sand, grass, or other uneven ground.
Butterhead lettuces have the softest leaves, a delicate flavor, and are extremely easy to grow.
Herbs are great for the smells and tastes and gourds have the softest leaves (and you can make birdhouses with them).
With his smooth upper body and languid and lilting legs, he can do the softest soft-shoe, mingled with a moment of Charleston.
They are among the thinnest, softest materials being offered, according to the company.
In 2002, the multifamily market in New York City faced a rare situation: The softest rental market in memory, combined with the lowest interest rates in 40 years.
Five minutes later a rather casual Newbury kick ahead bubbled over the try line enabling Damion Lavin to claim the softest of tries.
It also is versatile enough for efficient machining of the softest titanium alloys.
Available with a Shore A hardness of 3, the product is said to be one of the softest injection-moldable grades of TPE commercially available.
Dinnerware, glassware and serveware -- even table linens -- showed up in the softest of hues: pink, lilac, mint, pale blue.
Only the softest monotone lapped the borders of her hearing.
It is the softest of the conventional abrasives but is relatively resistant to impact;