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soften the blow

To make something easier, more manageable, or less harmful. The government is introducing financial reliefs to soften the blow to those affected by the devastating floods. Playgrounds typically have sand or rubber grounds to help soften the blow if children fall off the play structures.
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soften one's stance (on someone or something)

Fig. to reduce the severity of one's position regarding someone or something. If he would soften his stance on the matter, I could easily become more cooperative.
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soften someone up

Fig. to prepare to persuade someone of something. I will talk to Fred and soften him up for your request. I will soften up your father before you ask him about it.
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soften something up

to take actions that will make something softer. soften the butter up before you add it to the batter. Please soften up the ice cream before you try to serve it.
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soften up

1. Lit. [for something] to become softer. The butter softened up in the heat of the day. The candles will probably soften up and bend over in this hot weather.
2. Fig. [for someone] to adopt a more gentle manner. After a while, she softened up and was more friendly. It was weeks before Ted softened up and treated us more kindly.
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soften up

Reduce resistance, as in His sales motto was: a fine lunch and a few drinks often will soften up a prospective customer . This expression transfers lessening of physical hardness to lessening mental resistance. It was first used, however, in World War II, where it meant "reduce the enemy's defenses by preliminary bombing." [c. 1940]
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soften the blow

COMMON If something softens the blow, it makes an unpleasant change or piece of news seem less unpleasant and easier to accept. Attempts were made to soften the blow, by reducing what some people had to pay. Note: You can also say that something cushions the blow. The firm is offering to cushion the blow with a £4,000 cash handout spread over two years.
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soften (or cushion) the blow

make it easier to cope with a difficult change or upsetting news.
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cushion/soften the ˈblow

make something unpleasant seem less unpleasant and easier to accept: When he lost his job he was offered a cash payment to soften the blow.
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soften up

1. To make something soft or softer: He softened up his new baseball glove with some oil. He left the butter out to soften it up.
2. To undermine or reduce the strength, morale, or resistance of someone or something: The air force softened up the enemy positions with a heavy bombing campaign. The children gave me a present to soften me up before asking for new bicycles.
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Whether focusing on the bikini area, legs, or underarms, Soften Her keeps ladies' shaved and/or waxed skin looking (and feeling) unbelievably smooth, fresh, and healthy.
After noticing an overwhelming response to our male beard and stubble softener, The Soft Goat, I knew we needed to develop a similar product with women in mind," says Mike Finfrock, CEO of Soften Her.
Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Skin Salve (40g, pounds 24) With Moroccan argan oil plus essential oils of patchouli, orange, eucalyptus and cedarwood, a solid gel-like substance which softens on use.
Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizing Balm (50ml, pounds 58) Cream which softens in the hands before being applied.
Apply the water- based gel to wet hands, rinse and the fine film left softens and protects.
It can soften and dissolve most paints even after they've hardened.
The researchers now plan to investigate how the enzyme softens the polymers.
Simple courtesy on the part of officers softens these emotions.
After more than 30 years in real estate and three seasons of the hit TV show "The Apprentice," Trump will finally "soften up" by teaming with the new 'all' Cleans & Softens laundry detergent to help wash clothes for charity.
Water doesn't plasticize PS, so water-blown beads don't soften and are usable right out of the pre-expander.
Trim the thickened skin or soak the area to soften the skin.
When harvested and exposed to ethylene gas, the fruit then softens and develops color normally, producing a tomato with superior vine-ripened taste and texture.
The machine, up to 200 feet long, heats and softens the existing asphalt with a number of infrared heaters fueled by propane gas.
The other method is to pop the whole piece into your mouth and wallow it around, sucking on the chocolate until it softens sufficiently to chew.