soften the blow

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soften the blow

To make the impact of something negative less harmful. The government is introducing financial reliefs to soften the blow to those affected by the devastating floods. Playgrounds typically have sand or rubber grounds to help soften the blow if children fall off the play structures. When you have to tell someone about the death of a loved one, there's really no way to soften the blow.
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soften the blow

COMMON If something softens the blow, it makes an unpleasant change or piece of news seem less unpleasant and easier to accept. Attempts were made to soften the blow, by reducing what some people had to pay. Note: You can also say that something cushions the blow. The firm is offering to cushion the blow with a £4,000 cash handout spread over two years.
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soften (or cushion) the blow

make it easier to cope with a difficult change or upsetting news.
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cushion/soften the ˈblow

make something unpleasant seem less unpleasant and easier to accept: When he lost his job he was offered a cash payment to soften the blow.
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City leaders say they are hoping to soften the blow by agreeing to a proposal from managing group Your Homes Newcastle to freeze service charges for things like communal heating, gardening and concierge services.
He looks certain to win again soon, although that won't soften the blow for his 1.
Water in pipes must have an air cushion to soften the blow of sudden and severe stops.
EXTRA help is being offered to soften the blow of the recession.
He announced further measures to soften the blow for 70 Port of Liverpool firms facing 400% business tax rises backdated to April 2005, with outstanding payments of up to pounds 2.
THE introduction of the increased first registration fee will add a fiver to the cost of the hybrid Lexus RX 400h SR - but the company is incorporating some spring changes to soften the blow.
So any steps we can take to soften the blow and stop bad luck from becoming a catastrophe is to be welcomed.
Dryden city council is taking a multitude of steps to soften the blow of the layoffs.
STUART PEARCE may hand Kiki Musampa a permanent deal at Manchester City to try to soften the blow of Trevor Sinclair's injury hell.
It has welcomed Government attempts to soften the blow but said these would be more than wiped out because of revised projections for future gas emissions.
Tessa Jowell sought to soften the blow for Newcastle- Gateshead by promising cash to bring some of the failed bid's ideas to fruition.
The powers-that-be are attempting to soften the blow to the traditionalists (me included) by stating that we are going back to the `golden era' kit.
The Government moved to soften the blow by setting up a task force to regenerate the area and giving pounds 10m towards a redundancy package.
The first action plan drawn up to soften the blow of the sell-off of Rover will be unveiled tomorrow.