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1. Depicting erotic sexual content or activity without containing explicit or graphic images or descriptions, especially of penetration or genitalia (i.e. "hardcore"). The magazine has been accused of being little more than softcore pornography. It's being described as an art film depicting the true nature of an adult relationship, but it's just softcore porn, if you ask me.
2. Not particularly extreme in one's dedication to something. I still love playing video games, but I'm just a softcore gamer these days. We're all pretty softcore fans of football. We love watching it when it's on, but we don't follow it religiously or anything.

soft core

1. mod. referring to a mild type of pornography. Now even the soft core stuff is getting harder to find at newsstands.
2. n. mild pornography. They keep some soft core under the counter.
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1. mod. [of pornography] less revealing or realistic than real life; not showing genitals. They are showing a lot of soft-core stuff on cable and most of the soap operas.
2. mod. less intense or extreme than hard-core. She had a soft-core approach to portraying suffering.