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1. Depicting erotic sexual content or activity without containing explicit or graphic images or descriptions, especially of penetration or genitalia (i.e. "hardcore"). The magazine has been accused of being little more than softcore pornography. It's being described as an art film depicting the true nature of an adult relationship, but it's just softcore porn, if you ask me.
2. Not particularly extreme in one's dedication to something. I still love playing video games, but I'm just a softcore gamer these days. We're all pretty softcore fans of football. We love watching it when it's on, but we don't follow it religiously or anything.
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soft core

1. mod. referring to a mild type of pornography. Now even the soft core stuff is getting harder to find at newsstands.
2. n. mild pornography. They keep some soft core under the counter.
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1. mod. [of pornography] less revealing or realistic than real life; not showing genitals. They are showing a lot of soft-core stuff on cable and most of the soap operas.
2. mod. less intense or extreme than hard-core. She had a soft-core approach to portraying suffering.
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NIOS softcore processor is used as a processing unit.
For example, in one short article, Janet Maslin of the New York Times described Spring Break as "softcore exploitation" and a "new-style sex movie" (Under).
That helps students to understand the main differences and limitations between a standard PC platform and an embedded processor (possibly a softcore such as Altera's Nios II).
SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY 111mins Opens Friday, September 2 IT'S a 3D feast of softcore sex and violence in this controversial (the BBFC cut it by two minutes) Hong Kong film about a Ming Dynasty couple (Hiro Hayama and Wei Yangsheng) who engage in wild sexual experimentation.
The male student library worker's diction seems apt: Huntington took a 'hard core' look at the implications of Hispanics in American culture and interpreted it as challenge while, in sharp contrast, Harvard's Hispanic students accept seeing themselves as a softcore subject, not worthy of serious study.
Improving the Robustness of a Softcore Processor against SEUs by Using TMR and Partial Reconfiguration, Proceedings of the 2010 18th IEEE AISFPCCM, pp.
Yet I'm positive that any true-blood would describe this experience as "softcore farm," because, let's face it, within an hour l'm eating again (lunchtime!), and within a few hours more, I'm underneath a smattering of Sonoma stars, melting my Valrhona chocolate and marshmallow over the inn's firepit.
Dennis Dortch's A Good Day To Be Black 6; Sexy is a series of softcore erotica short films that play to the various stereotypes about the black sexual experience (adultery, anal-sex taboos, interracial relationships).
Slumdog Millionaire really is gentle compared with, say, Robert Redford's satire Quiz Show and softcore compared with Danny Boyle's famous movies, Trainspotting and Shallow Grave.
Most BBoWs display several of the following symptoms: child protagonists (often orphans); triumphs over great adversity; epiphanies and lessons learned; "mothy, softcore sex" and "pallid, softcore religion"; wisdom doled out by sage elders; and escapist fantasies "garnished with intellectual flourishes."
I'm thinking, is this legal?" The most shocking facet of the narrative is not that Clark shot a fourteen-year-old posing in French underwear, but that the creator of such harrowing books as Teenage Lust (1983) or films like Ken Park (2002) could show even passing concern for the legality of what amounts to tame, softcore titillation.
When hardcore singers suddenly get a hankering for the acoustic and a folk vibe replaces their amplified onslaught, hardcore becomes softcore but loses none of its passion and power.
The film gets this wrong too, as when we see a final showdown between the two through Jake's eyes as some sort of softcore cat fight.