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soft option

A possible course of action that does not require as much effort, hardship, or unpleasantness compared to the alternative(s). The government is trying to find a soft option on tax reform that won't drive away businesses but won't cost the state billions in lost revenue each year. I think he decided to stay in his job because it was the soft option—it was safe, secure, and he knew how to do it, even if he was bored stiff.
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the soft option

A less strenuous, less risky, or less difficult way of doing something; a means of doing something that avoids effort or difficulty. Even though my dad had always wanted to be a cartoonist, he took the soft option and got an office job so he'd have a secure income for the family.
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a soft option

A soft option is something that will not take much effort or not be very unpleasant. They do not simply become a nanny because they think it is a soft option, better than commuting to an office each day. We're not giving young offenders a soft option. Note: This expression is usually used to show disapproval.
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soft option

an easier alternative.
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the ˌsoft/ˌeasy ˈoption

(often disapproving) an easier way of doing something; an easier course of action because it involves less effort, difficulty, etc: If you want to go for the soft option, you can get the qualification in three years rather than two.He decided to take the easy option and give them what they wanted.
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Once a young person has been seduced into pursuing soft options at GCSE, their choice at A-level narrows and the die is cast.
This is a view echoed by Mr Leigh, who added: "There are some vocational qualifications which are not relevant and it is necessary to take out some of these soft options.
Now it seems, that these developments were a waste of time, with Leighton Andrews and the Russell Group of universities maintaining that they are "soft options" and do not prepare students properly for university study.
Meanwhile, soft options do not prepare students for A-Levels and as a consequence academic courses at university may suffer.
In front of his adoring West Ham public, Mitchell, 25, takes on Aussie champion Michael Katsidis with no love lost for his ex-stablemate Khan - accusing him of taking soft options to protect his suspect chin.
The real criminals in our society are also given soft options i.e.
My company specialises in implementing web-based business software, so I read the "Hard times, soft options" feature (October) with particular interest.
Cup pair look soft options THERE has been so much rain around Britain in recent days, yet, to these eyes at least, Friday's Darley July Cup is still being priced as though it's a fast-ground race.
The soft options did not work, prison did not work, so what will?
Prisoners are better fed than our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and have too many soft options.
Law-abiding Scots are sick of soft options for criminals, of which early release from prison and substituting community service and fixed penalties for effective, retributive punishment are merely some of the latest political wheezes.
We have holiday camp conditions for criminals with lengthy form, who fnd the current soft options meted out by members of the bent judiciary frightened of their own shadows, a doddle.
No soft options or quilts for these hardy northern fish!
He said: 'Stadiums are soft options and vulnerable, and it is an impossible task to be 100% safe unless you introduce airport style security.
But as long as the system offers such soft options as electronic tagging and bail orders that are constantly flouted, these hoodlums will continue to stick two fingers up at her threats.