soft option

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soft option

A possible course of action that does not require as much effort, hardship, or unpleasantness compared to the alternative(s). The government is trying to find a soft option on tax reform that won't drive away businesses but won't cost the state billions in lost revenue each year. I think he decided to stay in his job because it was the soft option—it was safe, secure, and he knew how to do it, even if he was bored stiff.
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the soft option

A less strenuous, less risky, or less difficult way of doing something; a means of doing something that avoids effort or difficulty. Even though my dad had always wanted to be a cartoonist, he took the soft option and got an office job so he'd have a secure income for the family.
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a soft option

A soft option is something that will not take much effort or not be very unpleasant. They do not simply become a nanny because they think it is a soft option, better than commuting to an office each day. We're not giving young offenders a soft option. Note: This expression is usually used to show disapproval.
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soft option

an easier alternative.
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the ˌsoft/ˌeasy ˈoption

(often disapproving) an easier way of doing something; an easier course of action because it involves less effort, difficulty, etc: If you want to go for the soft option, you can get the qualification in three years rather than two.He decided to take the easy option and give them what they wanted.
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Soft Option is also developing a monitoring and profiling tool for the kit to allow integrators to identify performance issues with newly-built web-enablement applications.
Cleveland Assistant Chief Constable Sean White says restorative justice is not a soft option
Indeed, as the Ebac is not compulsory it is possible for schools to carry on entering students for soft options.
PC Colin Barlow, from the unit, said: "Football banning orders are not a soft option and we will take decisive action against those who breech their conditions.
Changes will follow, possibly with allowances plucked away from the soft option of self-regulation and deposited in an independent and more rigorous checking system.
The recipes include everything from the soft option of the Victorian Jigger, which combines Fentimans Victorian Lemonade with the Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger, to more sophisticated combinations such as a Moscow Mule with Ginger Beer or a Dark & Curious, made with dark rum and Curiosity Cola.
I felt relieved that I didn't go to jail but this is not a soft option.
Controlled Parking Zones are an ill- advised attempt to raise revenue through indirect taxation on a soft option, the car user.
Britain will continue to be a soft touch for immigrants as long as places like the Channel Islands remain a soft option for entry.
Shearer said: "I think it's insulting to Paul and insulting to Scottish football to say he ignored Aston Villa, Spurs and Palace because the Premier League is the soft option.
I'm sure that many in favour of the soft option promised to us by the Welsh Government, will now oppose the principle of this Bill and make sure they sign up to opt out.
But it's important that this way of dealing with low-level, first time offences isn't a soft option.
PLANS to increase the use of community service for offenders is not a soft option for law-breakers, the Justice Minister claimed yesterday.
OK, it would be understandable to say Seal had gone for the soft option with these covers from the 60s and 70s, but it's more than that as it shows his velvet voice's remarkable range, breathing new life into classic soul gems such as Wishing On A Star, Love TKO, Let's Stay Together, What's Going On, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, I'll Be Around and Lean On Me.