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soft on (someone or something)

1. Having a crush on or romantic attraction to someone. Tom's always nicer to Kate than anyone else. I think he's soft on her. Everyone knows you're soft on Tom—just ask him out, already!
2. Overly lenient on someone or something; disinclined to punish someone or something. The mayor has long been criticized for being too soft on crime. You can't be soft on her: she stole from the company and needs to be made an example of!
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*soft on someone

1. Fig. romantically attracted to someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Fred is soft on Martha, I've heard. He looked like he was getting a little soft on Sally.
2. Fig. not severe enough on someone; too easy on someone or a class of people. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) The judge was viewed as being too soft on drug pushers. The cops are soft on speeders in this town.
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soft on

1. Attracted to or emotionally involved with, as in He's been soft on Margaret for years. This usage was first recorded in 1840.
2. Not stern, lenient, especially too much so. For example, Some think the court has been soft on violent protesters. This usage was first recorded in 1883.
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