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6 : involving little work or effort : easy <a soft job>
It updates the growing scientific evidence that links soft drinks to obesity.
In addition, because they are based on a polyether polyol, they provide inherent hydrolysis and microbe resistance that can be an issue with soft ester based TPUs.
Parties are conforming to the new contribution restrictions, investing in grassroots outreach programs and replacing a large share of the soft money "lost" under the new rules with tens of thousands of contributions from small donors.
We have evidence that drinking sweetened soft drinks will lead to an increased risk of obesity.
To circumvent some of these problems, many surgical techniques have been attempted over the past several decades for reconstruction of the soft palate.
Says Kraton's Schrauwen, "Whatever color you wish, from transparent to any color you can imagine, can be made, which is quite exceptional for this class of soft materials.
Previous barriers to soft-on-soft molding included a tendency for the pressures of injection molding to deform soft substrates.
Soft money refers to unlimited contributions directly from corporations, unions, and individuals to party committees.
A soft communitarian is a person who maintains a deep respect for what I call "hidden law": the norms, conventions, implicit bargains, and folk wisdoms that organize social expectations, regulate everyday behavior, and manage interpersonal conflicts.
Associated most frequently in a number of studies with soft contact lenses -- especially extended-wear varieties, which can be worn overnight -- this corneal disease can result in permanent loss of vision.
Rather than dissipating investor's wealth, soft dollars subsidize portfolio research by brokers, guarantee execution quality, and promote specialization.