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[27] A single-valued neutrosophic soft set H over the universe Z is called an absolute or a whole single-valued neutrosophic soft set if [mathematical expression not reproducible] and can be written as:
Then a pair ([phi], [rho]) is called a single-valued neutrosophic soft function from ([Z.sub.1], E) into ([Z.sub.2], E), where [phi] : [Z.sub.1] [right arrow] [Z.sub.2] and [rho] : E [right arrow] E, and E is a parametric set of [Z.sub.1] and [Z.sub.2].
[10] Let (H, E) and (J, E) be two single-valued neutrosophic soft sets over [G.sub.1] and [G.sub.2], respectively.
(1) Soft generally refers to the noncoercive use of diplomacy, persuasion, and cultural influence or appeal to shape the preferences of others and achieve political goals.
Techniques of public diplomacy that are widely viewed as propaganda cannot produce soft power.
Much of the soft power democracies wield comes from civil society, which means that openness is a crucial asset.
Soft power is often used for competitive, zero-sum purposes; but it can also have positive sum aspects.
Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] be a family of fuzzy soft sets.
We say [psi] is a fuzzy soft topology on U if [psi] the following axioms hold:
We say (U, E, [psi]) is a fuzzy soft topological space (FSTS) over U.
During orthodontic practice, diagnosis is made by comparing cephalometric measurements to standard norms.7 These norms are however set for specific ethnic and racial population.8 In several studies, soft tissue cephalometric norm for esthetically pleasing profile have been established by various researcher by using cephalometric radiographs.9 Different racial groups must be treated differently according to their own norms.10
It will give us cephalometric soft tissue norms for this population, which will aid in optimal diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontic cases.
The H angle, Soft tissue facial angle, Nose prominence, Upper lip sulcus depth (upper lip curl), Basic upper lip thickness, Upper lip thickness, Upper lip strain, Skeletal profile convexity, Soft tissue subnasale to H line, Lower lip to H line, Inferior sulcus to the H line (lower lip sulcus depth), and Soft tissue chin thickness measurements were analyzed using the definitions provided by Holdaway10 (Fig 1).
As the first book on the relations between overseas Chinese and China's soft power, it has the following significant attributes: First, its theme is timely and its perspective is creative.
In the section on fields, this book accurately divides fields in which overseas Chinese exert soft power into four sub-fields--Public Diplomacy, Chinese Media, Chinese Culture, and Chinese Education--and conducts empirical analysis of overseas Chinese as a valuable soft power source, while applying the theories of public diplomacy, journalism, communication, and cultural soft power.