sock it to

sock it to (one)

1. To attack or compete against one in a very strong or forceful manner. Wow, Jim really socked it to that guy. I didn't know he was that tough! Sock it to them, guys! I know you can beat them!
2. By extension, to deliver news or information to someone that will have a very large impact or effect. A: "I don't think you're going to like these financial results." B: "Sock it to me, I'm ready."
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sock it to someone

1. to punch someone; to punch one's fist at someone. Max really socked it to Lefty! Lefty socked it to Roger and knocked him down.
2. to tell bad news to someone in a straightforward manner. I can take it. sock it to me! I don't care how bad it seems. sock it to me!
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sock it to

Deliver a physical blow, forceful comment, or reprimand to, as in The judge often socks it to the jury in a murder case. This idiom uses sock in the sense of "strike hard." It is also put as an imperative, as in Sock it to them, kid! or Sock it to me!, which is sometimes used to give encouragement but can also have sexual overtones. [Second half of 1800s]
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sock it to (someone)

To deliver a forceful comment, reprimand, or physical blow to someone else.
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