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Fine wool blends and cashmere dress socks are good for leather dress shoes and anything that needs to be smart.
Gwen assumed Sara would lose interest in the sock. Sara constantly switched favorites with her dolls.
The brand, as it always does, has made it a point to make sure the socks fit as many people as possible.
The Crosspoint socks come in three versions - Waterproof Wool, Waterproof and Hi-viz.
The day after Halloween, as store employee Lindsey Frazier removed plastic spiders and spiderwebs from a Halloween-themed window display, Uraina Shaklee, store founder and owner, was in the store's back room with 135 boxes containing 22,000 pairs of socks.
But, he points out, not all diabetic socks are created equal.
New Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, gets the sock treatment, while David Bowie pops up to receive the starman effect.
Our socks have been featured in a number of fashion magazines over there.
Plush artist Stacey Hsu is as obsessed with socks as most young puppies.
The questionnaire of 1,500 people by laundry specialists Dr Beckmann's website revealed missing socks are most likely to affect men, and that northerners are top of the list as the most likely victims of sock disappearances, with 67% of households reporting that they lose up to 15 socks a year.
ISTANBUL, Jan 19, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's state minister for foreign trade said on Tuesday that Turkey was the number one sock exporter in the European Union (EU) zone.
The clever and award-winning Sock Ons are worn over a baby's socks, locking them in place.
Montreal-based Gildan is building a second sock plant here that will boost its production to more than 52 million dozen pairs next year.
"Many of the technologies that began in apparel have been leveraged over into the sock category--wicking, ventilation, odor control," says Ed Eldridge, Senior Marketing Manager for Champion socks.