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The In-Line Skate sock is constructed of 85 percent Foot Health(TM) yarns for dryness and 15 percent nylon for a snug, comfortable fit.
The teams sporting SealSkinz state-of-the-art waterproof socks include Team oobe, featuring Rebecca Rusch whose team was recently profiled in a NBC "Dateline" segment on the recent Raid Gauloises Trans-Himalaya 2000 race in which they placed seventh overall, the highest finish for an all-American team in the historic race.
SealSkinz(R) WaterBlocker(TM) Socks are a revolution in waterproof foot protection, offering a patented sealing cuff and MVT (Moisture Vapor Transpiration) fabric featuring three-layers of the most innovative textiles, including a unique breathable inner fabric membrane which draws perspiration away from the skin, allowing skin to breathe.
The partnership will empower Sock Society members to give a piece of their monthly membership to their favorite non-profit of their choice with just a click of a button.
So if you know someone who is constantly losing their socks or wearing socks with unsightly holes in then, why not purchase a Henry J Socks subscription as a unique gift for them?
London, Jan 30 (ANI): A Brit survey has found that missing socks are costing each household a staggering 240 pounds a year.
Available in five funky designs, the product that no mum can do without is set to fly off the shelves, making Sock Ons a must-have purchase for new parents everywhere.
Narrator: I mean blue as in sad because the other blue sock is gone.
Many of the technologies that began in apparel have been leveraged over into the sock category--wicking, ventilation, odor control," says Ed Eldridge, Senior Marketing Manager for Champion socks.
The Socksnatchers wear used socks, eat smelly sock soup, and sleep in smelly sock beds.
Among the most important attributes of an athletic sock are moisture management, cushioning and dissipation of friction.
Around Christmastime, we send out a little sock to people - we have a mailing list of 1900 - in the hope that they'll return that sock with some money.
I see you solved the sock mystery," Mom said, laughing.
This person is the bopper and is given a sock stuffed with soft material.