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the social ladder

The hierarchical structure or makeup of a culture, society, or social environment. Miss Dumfey hopes to improve her standing on the social ladder with a marriage to the baron. It's always hard for high school freshmen to find their place on the social ladder. Mary's had a chip on her shoulder from being raised in a trailer park, so climbing the social ladder has been her only aim since leaving home.
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climb the social ladder

To improve one's position within the hierarchical structure or makeup of a culture, society, or social environment. Miss Dumfey hopes to climb the social ladder by marrying the local diplomat. John's had a chip on his shoulder from being raised in a trailer park, so climbing the social ladder has been his only aim since leaving home.
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social climber

A person who tries to elevate their social status, often through the calculated use of friendships and relationships. Based on his circle of friends, it's obvious that he is nothing more than a social climber.
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social justice warrior

One who actively supports and promotes equality and fair treatment among different social classes. Once Betsy got to college, she became a real social justice warrior and decided to pursue a career in law as a way to bring about societal change.
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social butterfly

A person who flits from event to event without a care in the world. This derogatory phrase is usually but not always applied to women who “live to party.” Going from one dinner party or ball or benefit to another, they are preoccupied with being the height of fashion and popularity. According to one wonderfully descriptive characterization, a social butterfly has a “brow unfurrowed by care or thought."
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Socially shared regulation refers to the process by which all group members regulate their motivations, cognitions, metacognitions, emotions, and behaviors to construct a shared outcome (Hadwin et al.
The list of socially important goods is needed for monitoring and preventive measures to curb prices and the introduction of state regulation is only possible in urgent situations.
Loss of that focus leads to a disconnect between finance and the economy and society, makes it socially useless, said Carney.
The survey found that when it comes to brands and advertising, socially conscious consumers trust recommendations from people they know (95%) and look for opinions and information posted by other consumers online (76%).
More socially proficient participants performed well on the empathic accuracy task regardless of whether they were on oxytocin or placebo.
These data support the notion that service-learning is an important and effective programmatic strategy to intellectually and socially engage undergraduates during their first year of college.
Because if Hollywood were actually socially conscious, we'd have gotten a film or two by now about the persecution of conservative students on college campuses.
This mixed panorama of socially collaborative work arguably forms what avant-garde we have today: artists using social situations to produce dematerialized, antimarket, politically engaged projects that carry on the modernist call to blur art and life.
Social workers have a responsibility to reach out to the socially excluded.
CBIS), the leader in Catholic socially responsible investing, during the League's tenth annual spring gathering recently.
Another, given the recurring theme of modern architecture's social agenda, is the lack of any mention of Curitiba surely one of the most 'sustainable' and socially integrated cities in the world whose success stems very largely from the leadership of its university architecture school.
It redefines race and ethnicity as follows: Race--a socially constructed classification and therefore not determined biologically but socially and psychologically (Robert Jason, March 23, 2004).
SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT (SRI) is becoming a mainstream investing style around the world.
This special investment planning section offers CPAs some help with that unenviable task by highlighting opportunities in socially responsible investing, offering practice tips from experienced planners, introducing new technology that may revolutionize how planners and investors access a company's financial information and providing an overview of some of the "hot buttons" that drive investment planning today.
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