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be social

To engage in human interaction. What are you doing hiding in the kitchen during a party? Go out there and be social for five minutes—it won't kill you. I'm not in the mood to be social, so please leave me alone.
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climb the social ladder

To improve one's position within the hierarchical structure or makeup of a culture, society, or social environment. Miss Dumfey hopes to climb the social ladder by marrying the local diplomat. John's had a chip on his shoulder from being raised in a trailer park, so climbing the social ladder has been his only aim since leaving home.
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social butterfly

Someone who enjoys frequently mingling with other people at social events. Tom's always been something of a social butterfly, so we've never really worried about him making friends or finding his way in the world. She used to be quite the social butterfly, but no one has heard from Sarah in weeks.
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social climber

A person who tries to elevate their social status, often through the calculated use of friendships and relationships. Based on his circle of friends, it's obvious that he is nothing more than a social climber.
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social death

What is said to happen to people who are not viewed or accepted as human by society at large, as through segregation or persecution based on race, gender, or religion. Slavery is tied to the concept of social death, as slaves had no power at all and were treated as property of their masters, rather than human beings in their own right.
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social dumping

The act of underpaying laborers, reducing their benefits, or providing them with substandard living or working conditions, as by a company or business. By engaging in social dumping, the company is exploiting migrant workers just to make a buck. We must put a stop to it!
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social justice warrior

A derisive term for someone who supports or upholds very liberal or progressive views on social issues. This phrase typically implies that such a person is overzealous or disingenuous. Often abbreviated SJW. These social justice warriors want to control every aspect of our lives! Betsy used to be pretty moderate in her political views, but she turned into a total social justice warrior in college.
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social listening

In marketing, using a business's social media presence to learn what interests customers and how they view the business as a brand, with the goal of identifying trends that can be used to further the business in the future. A lot of big brands now engage in social listening and often end up offering products based on direct consumer suggestions.
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the social ladder

The hierarchical structure or makeup of a culture, society, or social environment. Miss Dumfey hopes to improve her standing on the social ladder with a marriage to the baron. It's always hard for high school freshmen to find their place on the social ladder. Mary's had a chip on her shoulder from being raised in a trailer park, so climbing the social ladder has been her only aim since leaving home.
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social butterfly

A person who flits from event to event without a care in the world. This derogatory phrase is usually but not always applied to women who “live to party.” Going from one dinner party or ball or benefit to another, they are preoccupied with being the height of fashion and popularity. According to one wonderfully descriptive characterization, a social butterfly has a “brow unfurrowed by care or thought."
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