soak up

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soak (something) up

1. Literally, to absorb or gather moisture or liquid. You can use a paper towel to soak excess fat up after you cook the sausages. The paramedic applied a second bandage to help soak up the blood.
2. To take all of something in; to absorb as much of something as possible. I can't wait to be on the beach soaking up the sun! She was captivated by the class, soaking up the teacher's every word.
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soak something up

1. Lit. to gather up moisture or a liquid, using an absorbent cloth, paper, etc. Alice soaked the spill up with a sponge. she soaked up the spilled milk.
2. Lit. [for cloth, paper, or other absorbent material] to absorb moisture or a liquid. Please get some paper towels to soak the spill up. The sponge soaked up the orange juice.
3. Fig. to learn or absorb some information; to learn much information. I can't soak information up as fast as I used to be able to. The tourists will soak up anything you tell them.
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soak up

1. Absorb, take in, as in I lay there, soaking up the sun, or She often went to hear poets read their work, soaking up every word. This usage, alluding to absorbing a liquid, dates from the mid-1500s.
2. Drink to excess, as in She can really soak up her beer.
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soak up

1. To absorb something, such as a liquid, through or as if through pores: The towel under the sink soaks the leaking water up. The quilt used to hang in the barn, and I'm afraid it soaked up some of the smell.
2. To take in or accept something mentally, especially eagerly and easily: I soaked up the atmosphere as I wandered its streets. The student soaked up everything the teacher said.
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Because the granules are porous, they soak up plastic resin and bond well to it.
So let's just take a minute to soak up his beauty, because he will look almost unrecognisable when donning long hair and a beard in upcoming movie, Grown Ups 2 (out this summer).
A car park next to council offices on Campbell Park Road was last night sectioned off as officers continued their clean-up operation, using zinc and sawdust to soak up the chemical.
Mike Rogers, managing director for small business at Barclays, says: ``What we may be seeing is a sponge effect, where people soak up all a company has to offer in terms of training, experience and contacts, before turning it to their own use in a new business.
This summer at the Southland's six major water parks, guests will be encouraged to soak up the sun.
A spokesman said: "The flash flooding was more severe because the dry ground was less able to soak up the rain.
The Ritual Expo -- an innovative and diverse collection of progressive fashion, art and photo exhibits, live music, artists, DJ culture and Web life -- is an opportunity to soak up a unique environment while shopping for hard-to-find, cutting-edge merchandise.
Step 1: Soak up the magic of Britain's fave white witch Titania Hardie with her Beauty Spells Enchanted Water Bath Soak, pounds 4.
Which helps to explain why, if you went to Westwood on the morning after the Bruins' round-of-32 upset of Cincinnati, intending to soak up tournament-time campus atmosphere, you walked into a scene with about as much atmosphere as the moon.