so much/many

so much

1. A lot; very much. Lizzie wants to go to this birthday party so much, but I don't think it’s a good idea since she just had the flu.
2. A non-specific amount of something. The tomatoes are so much per pound—I just don't know the exact amount.
See also: much

so many

1. Such a large number, as in There were so many guests that we didn't have enough chairs. [First half of 1200s]
2. An unspecified number, as in There allegedly are so many shrimp per pound, but of course the exact number depends on their size and weight . [First half of 1500s]
3. Forming a group, as in The reporters turned on the speaker like so many tigers let loose. [c. 1600]
See also: many

so much

An unspecified amount or cost, as in They price the fabric at so much per yard. [Late 1300s] Also see as much as; so much for; so much the.
See also: much

ˈso much/many (something)

a certain amount/number (of something): At the end of every working week I have to write in my notebook that I drove so many miles at so much per litre.
See also: many, much