as far as is concerned

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as far as (someone or something) is concerned

1. Regarding a certain person or situation. As far as Aunt Elaine is concerned, we still need to get a Christmas gift for her. As far as dinner is concerned, it's been pushed to 8:00, so no need to rush.
2. In one's view or opinion. As far as I'm concerned, I don't feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. Grandma doesn't care if you bring your boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. As far as she's concerned, the more, the merrier!
See also: concerned, far

as far as someone is concerned

 and so far as someone is concerned
from the point of view of someone. Bob: Isn't this cake good? Alice: Yes, indeed. This is the best cake I have ever eaten as far as I'm concerned. As far as we are concerned, anything at all would be fine for dinner.
See also: concerned, far

as far as something is concerned

 and so far as something is concerned
having to do with something; pertaining to something; as for something. This bill? As far as that's concerned, the committee will have to take care of it. As far as the roof's concerned, it will just have to last another year.
See also: concerned, far