snuggle up

snuggle up (to one)

To lie, curl up to, or press up against one in an intimate, comfortable manner. We snuggled up on the park bench, watching the sun go down on the horizon. I snuggled up to him as we watched the movie to let him know that I wanted to be more than just friends.
See also: snuggle, up

snuggle up (to someone or something)

to cuddle up close to someone or something. Kelly snuggled up to Jeff. she snuggled up and said she wanted him to go pick up a pizza.
See also: snuggle, up

snuggle up

1. To lie or press close together: The lovers snuggled up in front of the fire.
2. To lie or press close to someone or something: The puppy snuggled up to its mother.
3. To curl up closely or comfortably; nestle: I snuggled up under the covers.
See also: snuggle, up
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Patrons pay snuggle up sofa and coffee in of our feline Ellie Close, Cat Now there are over 50 cat cafes in Taipei alone and, in 2005, the cat cafe craze took off in Japan.
Snuggle up and go organic LITTLE SNUGGLE FLEECE WRAP your little ones up nice and toasty in this adorable, reversible fleece top, made from 100% organic cotton.
With dazzling effects and loveable characters, The House Of Magic is perfect for you and the family to snuggle up in front of and enjoy.
For over 30 years, the Snuggle brand has been creating Snuggle Up moments through soft and fresh laundry.
But to do that we need to ensure our homes are nurturing sanctuaries where we can snuggle up and shelter from the elements.
After your sugar rush, snuggle up to a DVD (rent Pretty in Pink or America's Sweethearts).
There are intimate corners in which to snuggle up but it is spacey enough to mix and mingle, too.
Chirik and his colleagues found that when one methyl group was removed from each ring, the complex was just the right size to snuggle up to both atoms in a nitrogen molecule and give an electron to each atom.
Fans can get a chance to snuggle up to their favourite superstars with this Boyzone package.
It's simply not everyone's style to snuggle up close after sex.
In a new survey of married over 60s in the city, 47% of pensioners revealed their favourite way to keep warm in the freezing weather was to snuggle up to their partners under the duvet.
WOMEN would rather snuggle up to movie hunk George Clooney than Brit-flick star Jude Law over Christmas, according to a new survey.
The middle base pairs snuggle up under the saddle, helping to stabilize this new DNA configuration, adds Kim.