snuggle down

snuggle down (into something)

To settle or nestle down (into something) snugly and comfortably. I held my favorite teddy bear close to my chest, snuggled down into my bed, and fell fast asleep. She snuggled down and spent the rest of the afternoon watching reruns of her favorite TV show.
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snuggle down (with something)

to nestle [into something] with something, such as a blanket, doll, book, etc. The baby snuggled down with her blanket and was asleep in no time. Sally grabbed onto her favorite doll and snuggled down for the night.
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snuggle down

(with someone) to nestle [into something] with someone else. Billy snuggled down with his sister in the big feather bed. They snuggled down and went to sleep.
See also: down, snuggle
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References in classic literature ?
It was really a rather cold house; and when the frosty nights came the girls were very glad to snuggle down under Mrs.
He loves to snuggle down and sleep on our laps he also likes to groom his older brother Zak and then he gets fur balls.
Yule be doing a lot of sitting during the holidays, so why not make sure there's something stylish and comfortable to snuggle down with?
The newly released Sleepy Pods give Bush Babies somewhere to snuggle down, close the leaf door and get cosy.
I was just about to snuggle down with a cup of tea and a retro Jackie Collins, when a large group in the cabin in front became increasingly drunk and rowdy, dishing out abuse when cabin crew tried to ascertain if they'd smuggled their own alcohol on board.
A COMEDY CLASSIC SNUGGLE down in the famous home of Nora Batty from TV series Last of the Summer Wine, situated in the picturesque town of Holmfirth.
It's big enough to house two of every creature but as the animals snuggle down aboard, Noah is attacked by an army - led by his evil distant cousin, the bloodthirsty Tubal-cain (Winstone).
But soon Jamie realises that the mother seal returns at night to feed her offspring before they snuggle down together.
It means cold-blooded people can snuggle down under the thicker side, while their hot-blooded partners, who regularly throw off the covers, can choose the lighter option.
Each cat wandering through this story makes its own decision about the best place to snuggle down for a well-deserved rest.
It would not have withstood a bomb but I was not to know that - so I would snuggle down into a bunk bed, thrilled to be doing something different.
Finally, Ruby helps him to snuggle down with her Walky, Talky, Teddy Bear.
The cozy pension is now a private home, but there are still places with downy feather beds, views over the lake to the French Alps and the jagged Dents-do Midi, where you can snuggle down with an early Hemingway book like In Our Time.
If your partner likes music or television last thing, don't get worked up - snuggle down with earplugs and an eye shade.