snuggle against

snuggle (up) against (one)

To lie, curl up to, or press up against one in an intimate, comfortable manner. He snuggled up against me on the park bench, as we watched the sun go down on the horizon. I snuggled up against Tom during the movie to let him know that I wanted to be more than just friends.
See also: snuggle

snuggle (up) against someone or something

to press or cuddle against someone or something, as if to keep warm. Tiffany snuggled up against Tad and asked him to give her some chewing gum. He snuggled against the warm wall on the other side of the fireplace.
See also: snuggle
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Make sure the kittens' new digs are warm, quiet and secure and well equipped with soft blankets or towels, a large cardboard box or cat carrier, a warm water bottle covered with towels for the kittens to snuggle against, shallow food and water bowls, small litter boxes, scratching posts and toys (a humble cardboard toilet paper roll or feathers can entertain kittens for hours).
The language of diplomacy and compromise is replaced by the language of jihad or the snuggle against evil.
That way, the baby has a kind of "mama doll" to snuggle against. Then it's much happier and more willing to nurse from a bottle given near the blanket.
Hot-water bottles made from empty plastic bottles filled with hot water and covered with towels give the kittens a warm surface to snuggle against.