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get the snuffles

To catch a cold, usually a minor one. My daughter seems to have gotten the snuffles from someone at daycare.
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have the snuffles

To have a cold, usually a minor one. I have the snuffles, so I'm going to stay home and nap instead.
See also: have, snuffle

get, have, etc. the ˈsnuffles

(informal) get, have, etc. a cold: According to research, non-drinkers are more likely to develop the winter snuffles than moderate drinkers.
See also: snuffle
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Rabbits with snuffles tend to sneeze and have a running nose.
Another common cause of nasal disease is chronic snuffles.
He said Snuffles was perfect and everything he was looking for.
Snuffles has now been adopted by a family in East Lothian.
TRUFFLE snuffles proved a recipe for disaster for Warwickshire's Laura Moore in The Apprentice.
Ward off those winter snuffles and sneezes by stocking up on Beechams Flu Plus, x10.
A unique cartoon book called Snuffles, the Rabbit with Diabetes, plus a DVD movie on the life of his 11-year-old schoolboy counterpart is set to fill an aching educational need among the 11% of South Africans directly affected by the disease.
There are even warm mulled wines and hot toddies to keep colds and snuffles at bay.
The presence of the guests, their joy, their smiles and snuffles, stamp the day as a rite of passage.
When George Hearn sang "Silence" at the end of Act II, you could hear twenty different and distinct snuffles from the seats around you, and it wasn't backers mourning their investment.
We polled our readers after receiving many reports of men, women and children being taken down by colds, flus and general change of season snuffles.
Sarah Millican seeks sympathy for her snuffles "You look at a man or woman in their 50s and all I see when they have brushed it all away is self obsession and fear.
TREASURED toy bear Snuffles has been returned to its three-year-old owner after he was lost at a narrow gauge railway.
SNUFFLES the double-nosed dog's bid to find a loving owner continues - after the latest attempt to rehome him fell through.