snuff out

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snuff out

1. To extinguish something, especially a flame. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "snuff" and "out." She snuffed the flame of the candle out between her fingers. The system uses halon gas to snuff out fire before it has a chance to spread. That loss snuffs out their chances to make the playoffs.
2. To kill someone. In this usage, a name, noun, or pronoun can be used between "snuff" and "out." He was planning on going to the police, but the criminals snuffed him out before he had the chance. Tragically, he was snuffed out in his prime by cancer.
See also: out, snuff

snuff someone out

Sl. to kill someone. Max really wanted to snuff the eyewiteness out, once and for all. Lefty wanted to snuff out his partner.
See also: out, snuff

snuff something out

to extinguish something, such as a flame. she snuffed all the candles out and went to bed. Karen snuffed out the flames one by one.
See also: out, snuff

snuff out

1. Extinguish, put a sudden end to, as in Three young lives were snuffed out in that automobile accident. This usage alludes to snuff in the sense of "put out a candle by pinching the wick," an area itself called snuff from the late 1300s on. [Mid-1800s]
2. Kill, murder, as in If he told the police, the gang would snuff him out. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
3. Also, snuff it. Die or be killed, as in He looked very ill indeed, as though he might snuff out any day, or Grandpa just snuffed it. [Slang; second half of 1800s]
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snuff out

1. To extinguish something: The altar server snuffed out the candles. I saw her snuff a match out with her fingers.
2. To put a sudden end to something: The war has snuffed out many young lives. I had a promising career as a dancer, but a tragic injury snuffed it out.
3. Slang To kill someone; murder someone: The police accused the widow of snuffing out her husband. The gangsters snuffed him out before he could testify in court.
See also: out, snuff

snuff someone (out)

tv. to kill someone. Max really wanted to snuff the eyewitness out, once and for all.
See also: out, snuff, someone
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It also gives me an idea of how he is progressing, though I have to say Sheffield Wednesday were pretty efficient at snuffing out the threat he posed.
Then we watched the trial of Levi Bellfield, her killer now serving life and were shaken at his snuffing out Milly.
The Monarchs also collected the bonus point for the aggregate victory, 98-90, to enhance their chances of claiming a semi-final spot, at the same time virtually snuffing out the Diamonds' hopes.
But they roared back to win 16-13, snuffing out the challenge of their rivals who now need results to go their way to stand any chance of sneaking the title.
When they do, certain chemical groups in the explosive molecules suck up excited electrons, snuffing out fluorescence.