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snub out

1. To extinguish a cigarette, cigar, or some other smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface; stub something out: When the "No Smoking" sign lit up, we snubbed out our cigarettes. I took the cigarette and snubbed it out on the wall before the teacher saw me.
2. Slang To kill someone; murder someone: The gangsters snubbed the witness out. The mobsters snubbed out the competition.
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snub up

To anchor something, such as a vessel, by wrapping a line around a post or cleat: The dock workers took a line and snubbed up the boat. I snubbed the boat up and went ashore. As we came in, one of the crew jumped onto the pier, grabbed a line, and snubbed up.
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The diodes can be used as snubber diodes, hard-switched PFC boost diodes, and free-wheeling diodes.
Lossless Snubber Circuit in Flyback Converter and Its Utilization for Low Operating Voltage";
These diodes minimize losses in hard switching applications, while maintaining superior soft recovery characteristics to minimize switching noise and eliminate the need for costly snubber circuits.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Snubber Arrangement For Bg Locos Rdso Drg.
Tenders are invited for Snubber Arrengment For Mg Locos Rdso Drg.
The new platinum devices have a 600V rating and a "soft" recovery current waveshape to reduce or eliminate the need for snubber components.
Soft recovery minimizes ringing to expand the range of conditions under which the diode may be operated without using additional snubber circuitry, while reducing EMI and improving system reliability.
Talking at the premiere of his new short film Runaway in London, which features music from his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy out November 22, the rapper managed to have a pop back at his fashion pack snubbers.