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snub out

1. To extinguish a cigarette, cigar, or some other smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface; stub something out: When the "No Smoking" sign lit up, we snubbed out our cigarettes. I took the cigarette and snubbed it out on the wall before the teacher saw me.
2. Slang To kill someone; murder someone: The gangsters snubbed the witness out. The mobsters snubbed out the competition.
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snub up

To anchor something, such as a vessel, by wrapping a line around a post or cleat: The dock workers took a line and snubbed up the boat. I snubbed the boat up and went ashore. As we came in, one of the crew jumped onto the pier, grabbed a line, and snubbed up.
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The friend said Daniella was also mystified by this snub.
A source said the snub showedthe deep split locally over the controversial film Fairytale of Kathmandu which exposed O'Searcaigh's sex life with young men.
She, however, admitted she was disappointed at the snub.
SEAN O'DRISCOLL will snub Sheffield United - because he is the red-hot favourite to step in at Nottingham Forest.
He said: "ITV didn't snub Rangers, Scottish Television snubbed them.
PRINCE William and brother Harry are fuming after their girlfriends were dealt a snub over the Queen's 80th birthday party.
THE Queen's decision to stay away from the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles was described as unprecedented last night, as Buckingham Palace moved swiftly to deny it was a snub.
In addition, many of the most disadvantaged youngsters in the region for which Ms Wood is elected receive huge support from the Prince's Trust; the Prince of Wales would never snub them so shame on Ms Wood for snubbing him.
She also believes he didn't ``officially'' die of cancer but of a broken heart because of the perceived snub.
Liz, 69, said the snub may have been the result of the lack of laughs in recent storylines.
SCOTLAND'S First Minister is to snub a memorial service to Robin Cook, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.
Neill was unavailable for comment but a friend said: "Terry is upset about this snub, especially as he gave such great service to his country.
DOMINIC MATTEO is ready to snub Everton and join Celtic.
ANTON FERDINAND will snub John Terry's handshake ahead of QPR's FA Cup tie against Chelsea on Saturday.
YOUR reporter James Moncur did a reasonable job on the St Andrews Community Council and the snub to Jack Nicklaus.