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(special) snowflake

A derisive term for a person (often a young person) who acts or is judged to act entitled to special treatment or opportunities. Generations of students before you have read this book with no gripes about its content, and you will too—you're not special snowflakes.
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1. n. deceitful talk; deception. All I heard for an hour was snow. Now, what’s the truth?
2. tv. to attempt to deceive someone. (see also snowed.) You can try to snow me if you want, but I’m onto your tricks.
3. and snowball and snowflakes and snow stuff n. a powdered or crystalline narcotic: morphine, heroin, or cocaine. (Now almost always the latter.) The price of snow stuff has come down a lot as South America exports more of it.


See snow
See also: snowflake
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You can make easy paper snowflakes to use as decorations or to add to homemade Christmas cards.
The Snowflake Trail is part of a citywide campaign this year to create "One Magical City", co-ordinated by Marketing Liverpool.
Contact Name: Jill Barletti Company: Snowflake Stories, LLC Contact Email: info@SnowflakeStories.
Potential licensees in the holiday accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Falling Snowflake String Lights on a worldwide basis.
The report mentioned that a caption next to the item's image reads: 'When one snowflake doesn't open.
Hang your snowflake in the mixture with the whole pipe cleaner inside and the pencil resting across the jar top.
Hope Brookhouse of Northbridge plays Snoozy Snowflake.
Next week we will come back to move the snowflakes.
In the atmosphere, it would just get bigger and bigger and thinner and thinner, and eventually you'd get a really nice, beautiful snowflake.
Use mini cutters to create the intricate snowflake detail (for easy release, spray the inside of the cutters with cooking spray).
Some snowflake cells undergo programmed cell death, or apoptosis, and the resulting weak spots appear to serve as fault lines where babies flake off.
The antics of Snowflake, the charming little white dog, charm and warm the heart of her hostess, and eventually two friends come to realize they need and enjoy each other's company very much (despite a few inconveniences).
They reasoned that as a snowflake falls, it may come across a tiny piece of dust in the air.
Model snowflakes hang from the ceiling, lighted plastic snow crystals twinkle on and off, and wall posters explain how a mind-numbing variety of snowflake shapes form.
A snowflake is made of tiny snow crystals with six branches.