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1. slang Arrogant and snobbish. I was already bored, but now that we have a snot-nosed tour guide, I'm leaving. Did you hear how judgmental he was about our choice of wine? What a snot-nosed jerk.
2. slang Young and inexperienced. I've been in this job 20 years, and now some snot-nosed kid right out of college is going to tell me what to do? No way!

blow snot rockets

and blow a snot rocket
tv. to blow gobs of nasal mucus from one nostril at a time by blocking off the other nostril with a thumb. Bob is always blowing snot rockets! How crude! He tried to blow a snot rocket at the dog, but it kept right on barking.
See also: blow, rocket, snot

blow a snot rocket

See also: blow, rocket, snot


1. n. nasal mucus. (Crude.) He sneezed and got snot all over the newspaper.
2. n. a nasty person; an obnoxious person. (Rude and derogatory.) You needn’t be such a snot about it.


mod. very drunk. Wilbur gets totally snotted almost every night.
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