snotnose(d) kid

1. An adolescent or child, especially one who is troublesome or burdensome. There's a bunch of snotnosed kids throwing eggs at houses around the neighborhood. A: "My mom is making me bring my little brother with us to the mall." B: "Ah, geez, I don't want some snotnose kid hanging around us all day!"
2. A younger person who is inexperienced or naïve yet also arrogant, brash, or haughty. I've been working at this company for 20 years. I don't need some snotnosed kid coming in and telling me how to do my job! What makes you think you could run this company any better? You're nothing but a snotnose kid!
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1. slang Arrogant and snobbish. I was already bored, but now that we have a snot-nosed tour guide, I'm leaving. Did you hear how judgmental he was about our choice of wine? What a snot-nosed jerk.
2. slang Young and inexperienced. I've been in this job 20 years, and now some snot-nosed kid right out of college is going to tell me what to do? No way!
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snotnose(d) kid

and snotnose
n. a young child; a relatively young person. (Rude and derogatory.) Some little snotnose swiped my wallet.
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When that time comes, that kid, that snotnosed, pimple-faced phone junkie, might prove to be not all that different from you.
Pero tambien puede ser loco bien vestido como mal vestido: preguntemosle algo, y salgamos desta confusion." The evidence, in their view, tends to confirm the Hieronymite's judgment and contradict the narrator's: "Ya viene cuerdo," 'he appears now to be sane.' "But if we are lucky," they mean to say, "he will turn out to be as mad now, despite appearances, as he was before." The snotnosed kids know, and the Hieronymite knows, and Tomas (now reborn and renamed Rueda) knows, what the narrator never learns: that Vidriera was out of his mind and his words were diseased.