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(as) slick as snot

slang Very slippery. Be careful out there—ice has made the steps slick as snot. A: "Yeah, I polished the floor this morning. Why?" B: "It's slick as snot now, that's why!" The pouring rain made the highway slick as snot.
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blow a snot rocket

To expel mucus from just one nostril by blocking the other one. Ew, that's so gross—quit blowing snot rockets!
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slicker than snot on a doorknob

slang Very slippery. Be careful out there—ice has made the steps slicker than snot on a doorknob.
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1. noun Nasal mucus. Yuck, don't wipe your snot on your sleeve like that. Use a tissue!
2. noun An insolent or contemptible person. Listen here, you little snot, I'm the one in charge of this operation, not you!
3. verb To produce large amounts of nasal mucus, as when one cries profusely. He just sat there snotting all over himself when I told him I wanted to break up. Just sobbed and snotted like a toddler at the end of the tragic movie.

snot (oneself)

To slip, trip, stumble, or otherwise fall to the ground, especially in a clumsy or embarrassing manner. I hit a patch of ice on my bike and ended up snotting myself on the pavement. Luckily no one was around to see. I cringed so hard when the bride snotted herself coming down the aisle.
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slang A derogatory or dismissive term for a young child or infant. Why don't you leave the snotnose with your parents so we can go have a meal to ourselves for once? A: "Who's the snotnose?" B: "It's just my little brother. My mom made me bring him along."

snotnose(d) kid

1. An adolescent or child, especially one who is troublesome or burdensome. There's a bunch of snotnosed kids throwing eggs at houses around the neighborhood. A: "My mom is making me bring my little brother with us to the mall." B: "Ah, geez, I don't want some snotnose kid hanging around us all day!"
2. A younger person who is inexperienced or naïve yet also arrogant, brash, or haughty. I've been working at this company for 20 years. I don't need some snotnosed kid coming in and telling me how to do my job! What makes you think you could run this company any better? You're nothing but a snotnose kid!
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1. Arrogant and snobbish. I was already bored, but now that we have a snot-nosed tour guide, I'm leaving. Did you hear how judgmental he was about our choice of wine? What a snot-nosed jerk.
2. Young and inexperienced. I've been in this job 20 years, and now some snot-nosed kid right out of college is going to tell me what to do? No way!


slang A handkerchief, especially one that is kept in one's pocket primarily to wipe or blow one's nose. I always thought it was so disgusting carrying a snotrag around with you. Like, why would you put a rag full of mucous back in your pocket? I handed him my snotrag so he could wipe the tears from his eyes.
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snotnose(d) (kid)

Inf. a young child; a relatively young person. (Derogatory. Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) Some little snotnose swiped my wallet. A little snotnosed kid came in and asked for money.
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blow snot rockets

and blow a snot rocket
tv. to blow gobs of nasal mucus from one nostril at a time by blocking off the other nostril with a thumb. Bob is always blowing snot rockets! How crude! He tried to blow a snot rocket at the dog, but it kept right on barking.
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blow a snot rocket

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1. n. nasal mucus. (Crude.) He sneezed and got snot all over the newspaper.
2. n. a nasty person; an obnoxious person. (Rude and derogatory.) You needn’t be such a snot about it.




n. a handkerchief. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t you carry a snotrag?


mod. very drunk. Wilbur gets totally snotted almost every night.
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Had just put the last full stop at the end of the final chunk of meaningless jargon when Emma burst in: "Bill, I've just remembered, it's not SNOT it's SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats."
Besides the diatribes about snot and tiredness, it wasn't long before Elton/Gary was making dated 80s-style rants about bar codes that don't work when you're in a hurry in the corner shop, herbal fruit-flavoured tea or dog mess in the park.
What might: If your discoloured snot lasts more than two weeks, and symptoms like facial pressure and congestion are getting worse, then it's time to call the doc.
I remember Bagwell for his excellent goatee, his low stance, and his ability to knock the snot out of a baseball.
However, BMI did not contribute in a significant way to the total SNOT score (p = 0.82) or VAS-NO score (p = 0.45) in the patient group.
One meta-analysis evaluated patient-reported outcomes with 12 weeks of macrolide therapy compared to placebo using the results of the SinoNasal Outcome Test (SNOT).
Think snot from a bad cold, interspersed with crusty bogeys from a day in smoggy old London, and that would come somewhere near to describing the look of Mr Micah's cakes.
Some of the subjects covered in my boys' favoured episodes include, 'Is it okay to eat snot?', 'Where does poo come from?', 'How many germs are in a cough?' and 'Snot Apocalypse'.
Some of the subjects covered in my boys' favoured episodes include, "Is it OK to eat snot?", "Where does poo come from?", "How many germs are in a cough?" and "Snot Apocalypse".
Essentially, the Typhoon and Tornado multicopters will fly into a cloud of snot, which is why Ocean Alliance refers to their Yuneec drones as "snot bots."
The gold cover with snot exploding out of someone's nose caught my eye but I'm glad I delved deeper.
4-7), you read about how mucus in your nose (aka snot) helps keep you healthy.
Subjective assessment was done for all patients in the form of Nasal Outcome and Septoplasty Effectiveness scale (NOSE score) and a modified Sinonasal Outcome Test (SNOT score).
But collecting snot from whales has got to be one of the most left-field applications Eye has heard of.