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1. slang Arrogant and snobbish. I was already bored, but now that we have a snot-nosed tour guide, I'm leaving. Did you hear how judgmental he was about our choice of wine? What a snot-nosed jerk.
2. slang Young and inexperienced. I've been in this job 20 years, and now some snot-nosed kid right out of college is going to tell me what to do? No way!

blow snot rockets

and blow a snot rocket
tv. to blow gobs of nasal mucus from one nostril at a time by blocking off the other nostril with a thumb. Bob is always blowing snot rockets! How crude! He tried to blow a snot rocket at the dog, but it kept right on barking.
See also: blow, rocket, snot

blow a snot rocket

See also: blow, rocket, snot


1. n. nasal mucus. (Crude.) He sneezed and got snot all over the newspaper.
2. n. a nasty person; an obnoxious person. (Rude and derogatory.) You needn’t be such a snot about it.


mod. very drunk. Wilbur gets totally snotted almost every night.
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As with the SNOT score, the difference between the postoperative scores between Group A and Group B shows a greater difference in Group A when compared to Group B with a statistically significant p value of 0.
While it may not qualify as snot, the foul-smelling unilateral runny nose that usually accompanies a retained foreign body has provided me with numerous rewarding diagnostic and therapeutic successes.
Most infections that result in you producing lots of phlegm or snot are viral illnesses and will get better on their own, although you can expect to feel poorly for a few weeks.
At each follow up visit symptoms were assessed by SNOT scoring system.
Smiling now, but soon, snot and tears will be rolling down their faces
Sneezing out antimicrobial snot may sound like a superpower, but it could be a handicap.
From flu snot to puss-filled boils, Diabolical Diseases (PS19.
Aging punk Sid Snot had to be renamed Gizzard Puke.
With snot and blood coming down my face, I went to the counselor to beseech him if not for mercy then at least for a tissue.
Look," I said to The Girl, as we trawled through the Museum of Nottingham Life, "there was a King Snot here in the ninth century.
I THOUGHT Phil Mitchell's snot was the mankiest thing on telly this week until I saw this.
I predict much dabbing at noses with hankies, but definitely no sign of snot.
Rock snot is becoming plentiful in areas where it was known before only in low amounts, and in new areas too.
I'd suggest that old punks who can't wait for Sham 69's gig at The Point in Cardiff on November 10 should pogo along and relive those memories from the summer of '79, while the younger snot noses should whack on their waffle soles, borrow dad's red braces and dance themselves stupid.
After pushing to call the tissues Snot, he told some high-flying advertising folk: "We aimed this at the mother community - the female genre being one of the highest demographics in buying facial tissue.