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rip-snorting mad

Extremely angry and agitated; infuriated. My mom was rip-snorting mad when I came home drunk at 2 AM. You've got to learn to stay out of the boss's way when he gets rip-snorting mad like that.
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short snort

dated slang A small alcoholic beverage, especially one that is drunk very quickly. I ducked into the bar to have a short snort before the train left. I was planning on having just a short snort of my father's expensive whiskey, but I ended up having nearly half the bottle.
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snort at (someone or something)

To make an audible snorting noise as a means of conveying one's wry displeasure, disgust, disdain, etc., about someone or something. My father snorted at the headlines about the mayor's new tax plan. The police officer just snorted at the handcuffed youth when he started whining how his rich father would have the charges dropped by lunchtime.
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snort at someone or something

to show one's displeasure with someone or something by snorting. The customer snorted at the waiter for his surliness. The customer snorted at the prices and walked out.
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n. a quick drink of whiskey from a bottle, flask, or jug. Jed offered the visitor a short-snort from a jar of shine.


1. tv. & in. to sniff (insufflate) a powdered drug, now usually cocaine. (Drugs.) Here, snort this.
2. n. a nasal dose of a drug, usually cocaine. I don’t want a snort. I’m clean, and I’m going to stay that way.
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The snort is certainly the most widely recognized of the whitetail's calls.
Bro-Jorgensen noticed that when a female started to wander away from a male's territory, the male would look in the direction she was headed, prick his ears and snort loudly--the same snort the antelopes use when they notice a lion, leopard or other predator approaching.
Still in his suit, he chopped the powder into thin lines with a card and snorted it through a banknote, boasting: "I've got a massive tolerance."
Now, researchers report that the obstruction of air passages that makes a person snore heavily or snort while sleeping can sharply reduce blood flow to the brain, possibly boosting the risk of stroke.
Use it to make various grunts, including tending grunts, as well as dominant snorts and challenging wheezes (M.A.D.
And, in my book, anyone who snorts coke is still contributing to the misery of many in this country.
SNIFFY: He snorts cocaine in TV documenatary' GIGGLY: Donny nuzzles Lisamarie in a club' SLIPPERY: He flees from house
The sound of a laugh also varies enormously, from pig snorts, to frog croaks and bird chirps.
Although cardiologists have linked cocaine abuse to a risky type of heartbeat in adults, teratologists -- who study chemically induced birth defects -- say they know very little about what happens to an embryo or fetus when the mother snorts, shoots or smokes cocaine.
COCKY cokehead Pete Doherty snorts line after line of the class A drug just days after promising he would check back into rehab.
NAKED: Leslie has already snorted cocaine and prepares to have sex; OBSESSED: The brunette is pleasuring Leslie but he's already getting desperate for more of the drug; DRUG-CRAZED: The fallen telly star snorts a line of cocaine from his coffee table; SLEAZY: The brunette turns to face the camera as Leslie busies himself with drugs
Holly Nyschota, 22, says she should be let back on the road because she snorts the drug "recreationally".
HARD LINES: Straightlaced Yvonne snorts cocaine in a shock episode of Fair City which shows that drugs can be a slippery slope for anyone, no matter how respectable; SOME FRIENDS: Orla and Niamh are unconcerned as Yvonne takes a snort
Snorts, grunts and cackles are not nearly as likely to elicit a positive response.
While she was waiting to be booked, she reportedly pulled out some cocaine and attempted to snort it.