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rip-snorting mad

Extremely angry and agitated; infuriated. My mom was rip-snorting mad when I came home drunk at 2 AM. You've got to learn to stay out of the boss's way when he gets rip-snorting mad like that.
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short snort

dated slang A small alcoholic beverage, especially one that is drunk very quickly. I ducked into the bar to have a short snort before the train left. I was planning on having just a short snort of my father's expensive whiskey, but I ended up having nearly half the bottle.
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snort at (someone or something)

To make an audible snorting noise as a means of conveying one's wry displeasure, disgust, disdain, etc., about someone or something. My father snorted at the headlines about the mayor's new tax plan. The police officer just snorted at the handcuffed youth when he started whining how his rich father would have the charges dropped by lunchtime.
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snort at someone or something

to show one's displeasure with someone or something by snorting. The customer snorted at the waiter for his surliness. The customer snorted at the prices and walked out.
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n. a quick drink of whiskey from a bottle, flask, or jug. Jed offered the visitor a short-snort from a jar of shine.


1. tv. & in. to sniff (insufflate) a powdered drug, now usually cocaine. (Drugs.) Here, snort this.
2. n. a nasal dose of a drug, usually cocaine. I don’t want a snort. I’m clean, and I’m going to stay that way.
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Following an incident when he was watering flowers at the hotel and he could hear the defendant snorting loudly towards him, he decided to report the matter to the police.
Cardiff-born Pritchard, who has built up a cult following around the world thanks to his daredevil stunts on Dirty Sanchez, yesterday claimed he was snorting Rennie and his tweet referred to loud music he had been playing on board.
The doe then broke away from the bucks and ran hard, snorting in frustration all the way.
A national newspaper claimed a picture showed Mr Harkishin - who plays Dev Alahan in Coronation Street - snorting cocaine off a kitchen worktop.
The News of the World published pictures yesterday of Mr Harkishin allegedly snorting cocaine at the home of an ex-lover.
(3) Street cocaine is ingested by intranasal snorting, free-base smoking, and intravenous injection.
TWELVE Scots have been arrested by airport police after being caught snorting cocaine on a holiday flight to Tenerife.
KIRSTIE Alley has revealed she knew she had to beat her cocaine addiction after snorting while babysitting.
After snorting it, he turned round and announced: "This cocaine is f*** great!" The photo was taken at about 6pm on Thursday on the No3 First Bus service from Govan to Crookston in Glasgow.
According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, the couple was caught in a video snorting cocaine as they were "secretly recorded" during a party in Hollywood in a report posted on The ( Hollywood Gossip .
New York, Aug 30 ( ANI ): Guests at Prince Harry's wild party at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas were snorting cocaine, an eyewitness has revealed.
After they were rounded up, the cops got to break the news to 'em: They'd been snorting the cremated ashes of the homeowner's grandfather and two family pets.
Before snorting the banned drug, known as meow meow, Will Hanley expertly chops out lines in his hotel room as his official pass dangles in view.
The prosecution argues the then-teenager had been in no state to give consent after drinking large amounts of alcohol before snorting a line of the class A drug with Davies.