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ring-tailed snorter

1. old-fashioned A pig, referring to its curly ("ringed") tail and distinctive snorting. My city-slicker cousin couldn't tell a ring-tailed snorter from a cockerel, so I don't know why he'd want to come work on our farm for the summer.
2. old-fashioned A showy, eccentric, or outlandish person. Old Bill was a real ring-tailed snorter. He'd show up wearing the wildest outfits, with a personality bigger than could fit the room.
3. old-fashioned A fierce, enthusiastic, and energetic person. We pride ourselves on being ring-tailed snorters when it comes to selling your property at the best price possible.
4. old-fashioned An arrogant, pigheaded person. The new manager doesn't do a lick of work himself, just pushing other people around instead. A real ring-tailed snorter, in the words of my grandmother
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An exceptionally funny joke. My dad told a ripsnorter at dinner last night that had us in stitches for hours. The stand-up comic got some good laughs throughout her whole show, but she had one ripsnorter toward the end that had the entire audience hooting and cheering.
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Rur. a remarkable person or thing; a hilarious joke. Old Fred is a real ripsnorter. Her new car is a rip-snorter, I tell you. Let me tell you a ripsnorter about a farmer and his cow.
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It seemed to date back to the 1920s, when airplane pilots ordered small drinks at the bar that they called "short snorts." A rookie pilot had to pay for the drinks unless he could prove he had been around a little while--that he was a "short snorter"--by producing a dollar bill signed by fellow pilots.
Played out in blazing sunshine in September 2006, it had the lot: eight goals, a couple of them absolute snorters, and one of the best penalty misses (or should that be worst?) I've ever seen courtesy of lumbering striker Trevor Benjamin.
A one-week stay from December 2 in Courtyard Cottage costs pounds 895 (sleeps 4) or pounds 1,295 in Snorters (sleeps 8).
Operating at over 90mph, Tait had already got a couple of snorters to whizz past Vaughan's nose and in his second over managed to find the inside edge as the ball was chopped on to the stumps.
The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) is turning away snorters of the drug believing infected blood could be passed from one user to another.
"I thought, 'Jesus, who is this boy?' He hit two absolute snorters that day with his left foot, both from 25 yards.
The notices, as mentioned here recently, warn snorters that "we will eject anybody found in pairs in any toilets from the premises".
There was the voiced, song-like variety and the louder, un-voiced noises from the grunters and the snorters. The latter were given the lowest rating for sexiness but performed better on the sliding scale for friendliness.
The tempo then switches to a flamenco beat and she rattles off 13 more wiggles while climbing a flight of stairs before unveiling five rip snorters with her back to the crowd.
Long before celebrity chef Jamie Oliver pukka'd up to the camera and Beach Blanket Babylon watered and fed Notting Hill's young movers and snorters, Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green was putting West London on the groovy gastro map.