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ring-tailed snorter

1. old-fashioned A pig, referring to its curly ("ringed") tail and distinctive snorting. My city-slicker cousin couldn't tell a ring-tailed snorter from a cockerel, so I don't know why he'd want to come work on our farm for the summer.
2. old-fashioned A showy, eccentric, or outlandish person. Old Bill was a real ring-tailed snorter. He'd show up wearing the wildest outfits, with a personality bigger than could fit the room.
3. old-fashioned A fierce, enthusiastic, and energetic person. We pride ourselves on being ring-tailed snorters when it comes to selling your property at the best price possible.
4. old-fashioned An arrogant, pigheaded person. The new manager doesn't do a lick of work himself, just pushing other people around instead. A real ring-tailed snorter, in the words of my grandmother
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An exceptionally funny joke. My dad told a ripsnorter at dinner last night that had us in stitches for hours. The stand-up comic got some good laughs throughout her whole show, but she had one ripsnorter toward the end that had the entire audience hooting and cheering.
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Rur. a remarkable person or thing; a hilarious joke. Old Fred is a real ripsnorter. Her new car is a rip-snorter, I tell you. Let me tell you a ripsnorter about a farmer and his cow.
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ringtailed snorter

n. someone or something energetic and powerful. Ask that ringtailed snorter to calm down and come over here for a minute.
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rip snorter

n. a remarkable person or thing; a hilarious joke. (Folksy.) Old Fred is a real rip snorter.
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One day in an antique shop, I found a miniature short snorter, a single 10-cent military note with "Okinawa May 17, 1945" written on it in blue fountain pen ink.
First he castled Sourav Ganguly with a snorter before Sidebottom got in on the act to dismiss nightwatchman RP Singh.
A snorter had Scott caught behind, surprisingly bringing Phil Mustard in at four.
"Faisal Iqbal got a snorter, Salman Butt made an error of judgment and obviously so did Imran Farhat," said coach Bob Woolmer.
Now listen to the laughter (groans don't count) and decide which category it fits: cackler, snorter, chuckler, sniggerer, howler, suppressed, giggler, or belly buster.
Hick and Vikram Solanki pushed the score on to 74 from the next 16 overs before Solanki, who had scored six early boundaries, edged a snorter from Steve Watkin to keeper Adrian Shaw.
Wright struck first with a snorter which Will Smith edged behind, but Barker was the biggest threat.
Gautam Gambhir was the first to go caught by Mike Hussey in the gully region of a snorter from Starc.
Ant Botha collected 33 from 47 balls but then nicked a snorter from Mitchell Claydon.
The batting must have loosened Morkel up no end because he tore in with the ball following the declaration and got rid of Strauss with a snorter that the England captain did well to get an edge to.
- Snorter Roberts at full back, I said this after the Byrne injury.
Samit Patel was given a lifeline first ball of the morning when a snorter from Harmison found the edge, but Smith, despite getting a solid hand to the ball, was unable to hold on to it.
DISGRACE: Smith in her ambulance service uniform; SNORTER: Mobile phone video shows Smith apparently sniffing a white powder
The colt's dam is a half-sister to Grade 3 winner Snorter, with outstanding filly Meadow Star also in the family.
Inzamam was clearly taken off guard by Hair and Doctrove's snorter this time .