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have a snoot full

1. To have enough alcoholic beverages as to be intoxicated; to be drunk. Also written as "have a snootful." Primarily heard in US. The wine was free and the waiter kept filling my glass, so by the end of the evening, I'd had a snoot full! We all had a snoot full at the reception after the ceremony.
2. To have more than enough of something; to be fed up with something. Primarily heard in US. To be honest, I've had a snoot full of everyone telling me how to live my life.
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n. the nose. That’s one fine zit you got on your snoot.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He got himself thoroughly snooted.
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Make the journey to Gallery Le Snoot on February 8th and get your "Creature Fix.
Well, OK the BBC was a big deal because it's not every day I find myself trying to toss bons mots on an international radio show that featured a Spanish movie director, a guy from India whose name I can't pronounce and an assortment of English snoots - I mean intellectuals - arguing about Mel Gibson.
Accessories include a Double Bezel, which accommodates up to two forms of media; a one-inch die cast aluminum Frontal Snoot, which accepts up to two forms of media.
No, by elevated we're not talking haute snoot with a veddy Brrrrrritish accent.
With its droop snoot and big wings it looks like a single-seater racing car .
What you have, basically, is a miser of a model that can cock a snoot at UK petrol prices OR a nippy wee sports car that handles, grips and accelerates in an unseemly fashion for an eco car.
Then his snidey snoot of a son Robert runs away, and mad little Andy turns into an arsonist and burns down the barn with Sarah in it.
We anticipate that our unique branded line of wines, Le Snoot and Bee's Knees, will now be sold throughout the densely-populated Greater Boston area and beyond, in addition to new territories in the state of New Hampshire.
Accessories include a Double Bezel, which accommodates up to two forms of media: a one-inch die cast aluminum Frontal Snoot; and a stamped steel painted optical matte black Cross Blade that sits in the snoot and receives up to two additional forms of media.
Concorde might not be a timely icon for comparison - with its droop snoot and exhaust pipes poking out the back of its trim tail - but we'll make it anyway.
Accessories include a Double Bezel, which accommodates up to two forms of media, and a one-inch Frontal Snoot with Cross Blade that receives up to two additional forms of media.
But she hung grimly on, made it up the aisle and now, nine years on since she caught Edward's eye on the tennis court, there she is, in all her regal splendour in Switzerland, cocking that fox-furred snoot at us peasants as if to the Palace and not the semi born.
A well-run pie-and-mash shop deserves its place in the gastronomic firmament as much as a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Cannes, and the one thing I can't abide anywhere is snoot.
Snoot Entertainment's Keith Calder and Jessica Wu produced the project with Simon Barrett and Kim Sherman.
Forgive me if I slip in a reference to Concorde - and its distinctive droop snoot.