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snoop around (something)

to look around in a place, trying to find out something secret or about someone else's affairs. Why are you snooping around my house? I am not snooping around.
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snoop into something

to pry into something or someone else's affairs. I wish you would stop snooping into my business! Whose affairs are they snooping into now?
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1. in. to prowl around looking for something. What are you snooping around here for?
2. n. someone who prowls around looking for something. Fred is just a snoop. He went through my desk!
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In the continent where snooping carries ghastly echoes of 'fascist and communist' regimes, Reding asked detailed questions regarding their snooping programme.
The survey found: n Women are more likely to snoop - over half asked admitted snooping, while 46 per cent of men did.
The younger we are, the more likely we are to snoop - for those in the 55-64 age bracket, respondents who admitted snooping had reduced to 38%.
OPTi is currently in discussions with NVIDIA as to whether NVIDIA is entitled to omit the February 2007 payment and cease future payments and has requested additional information from NVIDIA to validate NVIDIA claim that it has discontinued use of the Predictive Snooping technology.
6,405,291, all entitled "Predictive Snooping of Cache Memory for Master-Initiated Accesses".
The lawsuit against AMD is a continuing part of the Company's strategy for pursuing its patent infringement claims relating to its Predictive Snooping technology.
It merges disparate data systems for APC/AEC, E-Diagnostics, fault detection, message snooping, protocol conversion and other applications.
After successfully encrypting Omura's file and presenting the secured message as a series of nonsensical numbers and letters, Williams pointed out that "someone snooping would find absolutely no value in this information.