snoop around

snoop around (something)

to look around in a place, trying to find out something secret or about someone else's affairs. Why are you snooping around my house? I am not snooping around.
See also: around, snoop
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You can have it pre-ordered, but if you snoop around Facebook or Twitter, you can find onhand stocks.
Samantha Cameron is probably regretting inviting Harper's Bazaar in to snoop around the Costwolds home she shares with her husband, former PM David.
Tracy announces she's going to see what she can find in Daniel's flat Elsewhere, Tracy pinches the keys to Daniel's flat to snoop around.
The X Factor UTV, 8pm ENTERTAINMENT The survivors of the six chair challenge jet off to judges' houses - they'll either land in Ibiza to sing for Louis, visit Malibu with Simon, snoop around Sharon's home in Los Angeles or perform for Nicole in Nice.
Wyack's new job at the ICE gives Bree an opportunity to snoop around and figure things out.
Meanwhile, Jay James from the Over-25s category was thrilled to meet mentor Sinitta and have a snoop around her ex-boyfriend Simon's Los Angeles mansion.
COPACABANA PALACE (9pm BBC2) IF YOU'RE anything like us you'll love a good snoop around a posh hotel to see how the other half live.
If this happens, the others would think twice when someone orders them to illegally snoop around.
If you snoop around other people's things, you often find something you don't like.
In With The Flynns (BBC1, 9pm) Liam''s neighbour makes the mistake of trusting him with his house keys, so naturally Liam (Will Mellor) goes for a bit of a snoop around - even though he has promised Caroline he wouldn''t.
Too famous to snoop around the business herself without being recognised, Jacqueline sends her sister and deputy MD Vanessa on the jaunt.
CEO Jacqueline Gold is too famous to snoop around the business herself without being recognised, so sends her sister and deputy MD Vanessa, above, on the jaunt.
Snoop around There are some great hunting deals to be had
Inspirational in its richness and diversity of styles, this book is a glossy snoop around fabulous homes.
If you don't want to allow 150,000 government employees, and every internet hacker, to snoop around your personal records, they have made opting out as difficult as possible.