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snitch on someone

to tattle on someone. You wouldn't snitch on me, would you? Timmy snitched on his older brother.
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snitch on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: She snitched on the coworker who had been stealing petty cash. He snitched on his little brother for breaking the vase.
See also: on, snitch


1. n. an informer. Who needs a snitch? If he can’t keep his mouth shut, he can beat it.
2. in. to inform (on someone). (Often with on.) The cops were waiting for us. Who snitched?
3. tv. to steal something. Why don’t you snitch the salt from one of the other tables?
4. n. a theft. (Underworld.) The snitch went off without a hitch.
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Making a change to the famous "snitches get stitches" saying, the "Purple Haze" rapper said, "From now, snitches get riches," adding, "Stay snitching, America.
Jeff Blackburn, chief counsel for the Innocence Project of Texas, said his organization has long pushed lawmakers to restrict the use of informants and snitches.
Sheriffs, prosecutors, and inmates all understood that jailhouse snitches would be rewarded for coming up with information about other inmates, even when that information was clearly unreliable.
Federal law even has a special provision for jailhouse snitches.
Drug informants constitute an even larger and arguably more troubling category than jailhouse snitches.
12) This provision incentivizes jailhouse snitches to lie even after their conviction (p.
Snitches benefit financially, too: federal forfeiture rules allow courts to award up to one quarter of the take in a drug bust or other property seizure to informants up to $500,000.
When I ask him about Operation TIPS and its one million snitches, he takes a deep breath.
It has become very easy - and rewarding - for malicious snitches to make up gossip.
If citizen A falsely snitches on citizen B, they should get the name of citizen A and be allowed two free shots with a rotten vegetable.
I ain't got time to rite to snitches, family that's not real.
There have been real threats to our liberties since September: a USA PATRIOT Act that eviscerates the Fourth Amendment; a roundup of immigrants that's gone far beyond any reasonable protection against terrorism; a renewed impulse toward secrecy in the public sector and against it in our private lives; an airport security regime apparently designed to be as intrusive as possible; a political class calling for citizen snitches, secret tribunals, and a militarized national police force.
On Monday, prosecutors convinced Ashmann that the murder charge and the sexual assault charges should be linked, based on information they had received from what defense attorney Zeke Perlo described as ``jailhouse snitches.
The only people that put him there are the snitches,'' said Hunter's attorney, Frank Di Sabatino, referring to two other defendants, 20-year-old Walter Johnson and 22-year-old Tyrran Wilson, both of Palmdale.
Now, as they await verdicts in their second trial, home is in a "high-power" module in the Men's Central Jail downtown - reserved for celebrities, snitches and anybody else who needs to be segregated from the general population, said Joseph Koch, senior deputy with the Sheriff Department's legal staff.