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snitch on someone

to tattle on someone. You wouldn't snitch on me, would you? Timmy snitched on his older brother.
See also: on, snitch

snitch on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: She snitched on the coworker who had been stealing petty cash. He snitched on his little brother for breaking the vase.
See also: on, snitch


1. n. an informer. Who needs a snitch? If he can’t keep his mouth shut, he can beat it.
2. in. to inform (on someone). (Often with on.) The cops were waiting for us. Who snitched?
3. tv. to steal something. Why don’t you snitch the salt from one of the other tables?
4. n. a theft. (Underworld.) The snitch went off without a hitch.
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GIANT STEP: Steve Snitch goes over for one of the tries for victorious Huddersfield
Shawn's agreement to become the owner and publisher of Northern Kentucky Snitch is another big step in the growth of Snitch into a national brand," said Russ Maney, senior vice president of Snitch, LLC, in Louisville.
SWITCHING ALLEGIANCE: former Wakefield prop Darrell Griffin (centre) receives a warm Belle Vue welcome from fellow forwards Oliver Wilkes (left) and Steve Snitch, who both had spells at the Giants.
We are delighted to add South Carolina to the rapidly growing Snitch family," said Russ Maney, chief operating officer of the Louisville, Ky.
We've been watching Snitch closely since it first began publishing in Louisville," said Tattletale Press's Greg Chapman.
Indeed Tigers trailed to Casey Maguire's fourthminute touchdown when Snitch crossed for the first time.
Finnigan and Walsh are both back-row forwards, like Jones and Snitch, while covering for Hudson at hooker are Moore and David Faiumu, who arrived towards the end of last season.
The other attraction to becoming a Snitch Area Developer was that the concept was already proven," continued Schwarz.
It's good to win any game, and the feeling after beating Cas last weekend was very special," said Snitch, who head coach Jon Sharp thought had his best game for the club in that match.
We proved the Snitch concept works with our first newspaper in Louisville.
Snitch swapped Huddersfield for Wakefield at the end of last season while Griffin had two years with the Wildcats before joining the Giants in 2007.
STEVE SNITCH is hoping a strong pre-season campaign will be enough to have given him the nod for a place in the Giants side to face Leeds Rhinos this weekend.
Reed's story appears in Snitch, a crime newsweekly in Louisville.
Snitch got a kick t'other day hearing about how Andrew Not Ernest Hemingway has once again landed on his feet, political job-wise.
HERE is Michael Alleyne's letter to his cousin, named only as Kellie: "To Slag aka snitch, You are a let down to the family.