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This extraordinary talent is coveted by Snit, their consistently clever adversary.
In the meantime, I continued to attend Ottawa's International Animation Festivals, and happily purchased NFB calendars, magnets, The Cat Came Back sweatshirts, The Big Snit pens and anything else with that familiar green logo.
Others do more harm then good; prissy Wayne, played at not much of a stretch by ``Will & Grace's'' Sean Hayes, allows her turkey into his new, state-of-the-art oven, then gets into a snit and holds it hostage.
No wonder Pope's cub reporter, despite a lack of solid evidence, is given to simpering during a snit fit, ``Why don't you arrest him, I don't understand
The patriarch is in his twilight days, and the empire is currently run by an unreliable hothead who lives ostentatiously, murdering foes on ill-advised whims and retreating to play with his pet tiger when he gets into a snit.
Last I checked, Shaq's snit wasn't preventing him from leading the league in scoring.
Since Chunhyang's lower-class status could jeopardize her husband's standing before he passes the all-important civil service exam, Mongryong convinces her - after much snit throwing and tearing of exquisite costume - to stay behind and wait for him.
According to David Oreck, the radio operates from the vacuum's AC power cord so you don't have to get in a snit about dead batteries.
This year, the producers recruited two Coreys: Vanilla Ice childishly disfigures the house's Warholian painting of the participants, insists humans descended from space aliens and snits at L.