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snipe hunt

1. A practical joke in which the victim is sent on a hunt for a fictitious animal called a snipe. When I was in the Cub Scouts, the youngest members were always sent out on a snipe hunt by the counselors on the night of our first big campout.
2. By extension, any hunt, search, or quest for something that is fictitious, non-existent, elusive, or illusory. The president has pledged to make universal healthcare a reality, but I think he's really just on a snipe hunt.
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snipe at someone or something

1. Lit. to fire a weapon at someone or something from a concealed position. Someone with a rifle sniped at the troops as they went through the jungle. A rifleman was busy sniping at the platoon.
2. Fig. to make petty complaints attacking someone or something. Stop sniping at me and everything I do. Ken is always sniping at my reports.
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n. a cigarette or cigar butt. Down on skid row, a snipe won’t be on the sidewalk for ten seconds.
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She said Snipes owed less than EUR256,300 in taxes for the three years related to the convictions and should not be jailed.
Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington had written to US District Court judge William Terrell Hodges asking that Snipes, 45, be spared jail.
Federal prosecutors said Snipes fraudulently claimed the refunds in 1996 and 1997.
Grim Wesley Snipes never seems like he is really enjoying himself - he seems as if he's only going through the motions.
Snipes appealed to a court in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia after being found guilty by a jury in Florida.
Bernhoft Law Firm attorneys Robert Bernhoft and Robert Barnes previously represented Wesley Snipes after false paternity charges were levied against him in New York City.
Wesley Snipes, as a convicted murderer, fights an epic jailhouse bout in ``Undisputed.
We've been able to attract and retain a unique level of talented professionals truly committed to innovative leadership development and customer success," said Snipes.
According to documents filed in Florida federal court, Snipes - who was sentenced forever ago to serve 3 years in prison - claims there was "jury misconduct" during his trial and he's got the emails to prove it, reports TMZ.
However, when Snipes is given a good enough role, he does rise to the occasion.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, candidate for Dallas County criminal judge and decorated 29-year military veteran Mike Snipes voiced his staunch support for our troops following Senator Kerry's recent remarks.
ACTOR Wesley Snipes has been declared an 'undesirable person' by South Africa after being caught with a forged passport.
Though inevitably more stylish and visually imaginative than the first, generic entry in the Wesley Snipes franchise, ``Blade II'' is still top- heavy with blazing guns, cheatfully filmed martial arts, disintegrating bloodsucker computer effects and jagged camera moves that serve no other purpose than to call attention to themselves.
Bam Margera, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, The Game, Nicky Hilton, Nick Lachey, Kelly Slater, David Arquette, Wesley Snipes, Alicia Silverstone, Caprice, Juliette Lewis, West Coast Customs, among others.