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snipe hunt

1. A practical joke in which the victim is sent on a hunt for a fictitious animal called a snipe. When I was in the Cub Scouts, the youngest members were always sent out on a snipe hunt by the counselors on the night of our first big campout.
2. By extension, any hunt, search, or quest for something that is fictitious, non-existent, elusive, or illusory. The president has pledged to make universal healthcare a reality, but I think he's really just on a snipe hunt.
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snipe at someone or something

1. Lit. to fire a weapon at someone or something from a concealed position. Someone with a rifle sniped at the troops as they went through the jungle. A rifleman was busy sniping at the platoon.
2. Fig. to make petty complaints attacking someone or something. Stop sniping at me and everything I do. Ken is always sniping at my reports.
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n. a cigarette or cigar butt. Down on skid row, a snipe won’t be on the sidewalk for ten seconds.
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The second advantage is that they often choose to light near other snipe and thereby lure the hunter to even more game.
This will provide the bases for the strategic protection of the great snipe at a national level;
A total of 21 days and 80 days of opportunity were afforded waterfowl and snipe hunters, respectively, during this study, which included 4 hunting seasons, 1991-1995.
Proportions of male and female snipe containing food were highest throughout spring migration (16 Mar-10 Apr), with 21 of 41 females and 11 of 17 males containing food in their UDT.
Then, in 1958 the new Humber Super Snipe was launched, using the same body-shell.
Together, 21 years ago, The Snipe and Webber beat Zongalero and Bachelor's Hall in Cheltenham's Massey-Ferguson Gold Cup.
Since 1982, 60 per cent of snipe, 40 per cent of lapwing and curlew and 20 per cent of redshank have disappeared.
Snipe spend most of their time feeding, drilling their seven-centimetre beaks into soft ground like a sewing machine.
Clint Broden is a federal and Texas state criminal defense attorney who co-founded the Broden Mickelsen Helms & Snipes Law Firm in 1998.
Wesley Snipes was reportedly served with legal papers relating to his tax evasion case during the premiere of "The Expendables 3" in Hollywood last week.
MEL GIBSON, Wesley Snipes and Harrison Ford add to Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger's sense of mayhem in The Expendables 3 (12A).
New York, April 9 ( ANI ): Wesley Snipes, who was recently released from jail, is set to hit the silver screen.
Gary Lee Snipes, 63, passed away suddenly at home March 7.
WESLEY Snipes arrived at a federal prison in Pennsylvania yesterday to begin a three-year sentence for failure to file income tax returns.