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snip off

To sever something (from something else) with a quick, clean cut. A noun or pronoun can be used between "snip" and "off." I was so glad when Charlie finally snipped off that disgusting rat-tail. Didn't he realize how repellant it looked? The man snuck into his neighbor's garden at night and snipped all the rosebuds off the bushes.
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snip (something) off of (something else)

To sever something from something else with a quick, clean cut. I was so glad when Charlie finally snipped that disgusting rat-tail off of his head. Didn't he realize how repellant it looked? The man snuck into his neighbor's garden at night and snipped all the rosebuds off of the bushes.
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snip something off (of) something

 and snip something off
to cut something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she snipped a dead blossom off the rosebush. Jane snipped off a bud.
See also: off, snip
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The trend models presented here can enable prediction of future trends in SNIP values by taking into account various factors such as the stability of the trends, the number of negative and positive trend lines, and the magnitude of APCs.
AMPP architecture is built to harness the processing power of SNIP and combine it with the scalability of MPP.
Dennis Hewitt, Swiss Life managing director, travelled to Highgrove with SNIP chief executive Pauline Baker.
It's A Snip was the slowest horse I've ever had, but he was instrumental in getting my training career up and running and I'll always be grateful to him for that.
Skeenas CEO, Walter Coles commented, As a result of gaining 100% ownership of Snip, the Company will now be able to enter the historical mine workings and initiate an underground drill program.
The An Bord Snip group which Micheal Martin's Fianna Fail Government established, reported in 2009 that abolishing the Seanad 'would give rise to savings of [euro]25million a year'.
We're always interested in saving money so with this in mind we've teamed up with Morrisons to enable Daily Record readers to SNIP and SAVE on your shopping trolley essentials.
SNIP money off your shopping bill and SAVE with over pounds 10 off your weekly favourites at Morrisons.
5m taxpayer funding a year, even though it faces the Bord Snip axe.
SNIP money off your weekly shopping bill and SAVE with pounds 10 off your everyday favourites at Morrisons.
VILLA skipper Gareth Barry believes striker Shaun Maloney will prove to be "a snip at pounds 1million" despite the stop-start beginning to his career with the midlands club.
Snip Snap has just opened a second salon in Warwick Street, Leamington - the other one is at Hatton Country World.
The real McCoy cost thousands but we got it made at a snip of the price tag in just an hour.
To create a tapered probe, the bird begins tearing a strip near the base of the leaf and occasionally stops to snip the leaf crosswise to widen the tool.