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Fewer and fewer Welshmen are opting to go under the surgeon's knife to have the snip
Sustainable Energy Ireland has handed the contract to top PR agency Drury Communications - even though Bord Snip boss Colm McCarthy recommended all its energy awareness programmes be scrapped.
Rodgers said: "The fee will go up with appearances but he's an absolute snip and I always thought he would be."
Will it be the shortest lived quango on record, or will it be spared due to clever Trevor's impeccable timing in announcing its formation AFTER the An Bord Snip report?
Brian Cowen said the Tanaiste had his full support after she embarrassed the Government by rubbishing the An Bord Snip report.
But I know she wants kids and I haven't had the bottle to tell her about my snip.
Tchibo also have a minimalist-style side table for pounds 30 I a snip compared to the Eileen Gray glass and chrome version at pounds 150 from Ocean.
Sefton Neighbourhood Initiative Project (SNIP) became an active participant in the Prince of Wales's Seeing is Believing programme.
AN Bord Snip chief Colm McCarthy was in the firing line yesterday after it emerged he is paid an "outrageous" EUR800-a-day to impose crippling cutbacks.
"But he is now Newcastle's stand-in captain and looks an absolute snip. In three or four years' time, Tottenham will be thinking they have got exactly the same.
QI DON'T believe men should have the snip. In fact, I think there is a conspiracy by feminists to get men castrated because they hate us.