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get the sniffles

To catch a cold, usually a minor one. My daughter seems to have gotten the sniffles from someone at daycare.
See also: get, sniffle

have the sniffles

To have a cold, usually a minor one. I have the sniffles, so I'm going to stay home and nap instead.
See also: have, sniffle

get, have, etc. the ˈsniffles

(informal) get, have, etc. a slight cold: ‘Are you ill?’ ‘No, I’ve just got the sniffles.’
See also: sniffle
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Fisher's accusations that cocaine use is behind Trump's sniffling is speculative - there is no credible evidence that Trump has ever used the drug.
"Hillary got a big bump after the debate. And it looked like Trump did a big bump before the debate," Maher said on his show. "A lot of people are saying it! He was sniffling a lot.
Trump blamed the audible sniffling from the first debate on a faulty microphone.
Whatever issue may have been present in the first debate, viewers noticed the exact same sniffling sound again on Sunday. 
* Even family relationships fall prey to sneezing and sniffling. Twenty percent feel allergies sometimes interfere with relationships with children, and 28% say they impact interaction with a spouse or partner.
She doesn't have much to do besides sniffle but it's first-rate sniffling.
A sniffling, cold-stricken baby whose breathing sounds like a whistle can send its worried parents racing to the doctor's office.
During Monday's debate, social media users heard quiet, sniffling noises repeatedly coming from Trump's microphone.
This time of year, millions of people pop antihistamines to stop the sniffling and itching caused by allergic rhinitis, or hay fever.
But his occasional sniffling was what stood out in the early minutes of the presidential debate Monday night as he faced off against Clinton in New York. 
His sniffling comes days after Clinton appeared to get sick at a Sept.
To the researchers' surprise, reports from the volunteers one week later revealed that sneezing, sniffling and stuffiness were 33 percent more likely to persist in steam inhalers than in their unsteamed counterparts, who--like most people after a week of cold symptoms--were essentially cured.
After entry, the rhinovirus need only open its capsid and release its genetic material for the infection to reach its sneezing, sniffling conclusion.