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get the sniffles

To catch a cold, usually a minor one. My daughter seems to have gotten the sniffles from someone at daycare.
See also: get, sniffle

have the sniffles

To have a cold, usually a minor one. I have the sniffles, so I'm going to stay home and nap instead.
See also: have, sniffle

get, have, etc. the ˈsniffles

(informal) get, have, etc. a slight cold: ‘Are you ill?’ ‘No, I’ve just got the sniffles.’
See also: sniffle
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Helen first saw Sniffles in Newport Road in November.
If the sniffles in the office are rapidly becoming more frequent, If the sniffles in the office are rapidly becoming more frequent, why not keep a personal set of stationery, as pens can quickly collect and pass on winter bugs?
Thumbs down to the wretched Man Flu - for everyone suffering with colds and sniffles this week, get stuck into those cold remedies
As for the rest, who braved horrible weather, runny noses, sore throats, sniffles and a general January feeling that life is rubbish and turned up for work anyway - thank you.
Winter bugs and sniffles can soon turn leftover summertime cheer into autumn and winter gloom.
A look at 30 studies involving more than 11,000 people found no evidence they could ward off the sniffles with the vitamin.
IF you're getting sniffles and colds, boost your immune system with Tropicana Essentials Multivitamin.
As a parent, depending on where you live and what you read, you have many opportunities to discover gentle and natural ways to help your child through scrapes and sniffles, and you have alternatives if your child is diagnosed with more serious problems.
They shouldn't demand these drugs whenever they have a case of the sniffles, because antibiotics can't cure the common cold or other viral infections.
Despite the sniffles, the show goes on, with the premiere tonight and running until February 26.
A NEW novelty toy called Sniffles the Leaky Nose has prompted a barrage of complaints from parents.
There she was, all sniffles and drama, saying she was the happiest woman alive.