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get the sniffles

To catch a cold, usually a minor one. My daughter seems to have gotten the sniffles from someone at daycare.
See also: get, sniffle

have the sniffles

To have a cold, usually a minor one. I have the sniffles, so I'm going to stay home and nap instead.
See also: have, sniffle

get, have, etc. the ˈsniffles

(informal) get, have, etc. a slight cold: ‘Are you ill?’ ‘No, I’ve just got the sniffles.’
See also: sniffle
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You know the one - it advises those suffering from the sniffles to take a 'Benylin' day therefore encouraging, so bosses say, workers to throw a sickie.
So, to put a stop to sniffles and sneezes, many early Canadians gave this wacky remedy a try.
People who tended to be cheerful and lively were least likely to develop sniffles, coughs, and other cold symptoms.
COLD sufferers still struggling with the sniffles might get help from yoghurt.
Under plans being considered in Indiana and Oregon, cold and allergy sufferers who want to treat their sniffles with Sudafed or other remedies that contain pseudoephedrine would have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter, show ID, and sign a registry.
Constant antibiotic use, ear tubes, hyperactivity, sniffles, headaches, learning disorders, colic, asthma .
Stash an extra bottle of OJ in the fridge, and hit it daily to keep sniffles away.
with the sniffles or a swollen toe; these people see the E.
Now, a mathematical model indicates that there may be a good reason that you quickly lose your protection against the sniffles.
Mom is away and all the farm animals have come down with the sniffles.
When it's cold and it snows And the chilly wind blows, I get frostbite on my toes And the sniffles in my nose.
Sniffles the cat has needed costly operations, X-rays and antibiotics since she was spotted injured in a Cardiff street by passer-by Helen Robinson.
Regular hair washing and Vaseline can ease sniffles 5 Close windows at night and in the morning, when pollen is at its worst.
DANNY WILLIAMS pops some plant extract to stifle sniffles DANNY WILLIAMS pops some plant extract to stifle sniffles WHAT IS IT?