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pot sniffer

Any dog trained by law enforcement to detect drugs, especially marijuana, by smell. I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw them bring the pot sniffers onto the bus. There's no way I'm smuggling dope through the airport—that place is crawling with pot sniffers!
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slang One's nose. Put your sniffer up to these roses I just brought in from the garden. Don't they smell divine? The ball hit her right in the sniffer.
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pot sniffer

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Jonathan O'Connor, of West Yorkshire property consultancy Walker Singleton, who brokered the Sniffers Pet Care deal on behalf of Frank Marshall Estates, said: "This deal is a resounding endorsement of the quality of the business park and of the owners' decision to build speculatively.
Last year it emerged 550 sniffer dogs are being used across UK prisons to target a growing drugs problem.
Handheld scanners aren't the only possible application for such sniffer chips.
As well as claiming to possess superhuman physical prowess, sniffers also described links to supernatural powers.
Probes and sniffers are relatively expensive and difficult to maintain.
Pictures/JEREMY PARDOE; With the wine and the cheese in place the Norton Lindsey Stilton Sniffers savour the moment and set to work - all in a good cause
Distributed sniffers can also serve as powerful tools for monitoring internal SLAs.
A super sniffer made by Thermedics Inc., of Massachusetts, can detect aas little as one-billionth of a gram of plastic explosives, says Joanne Kern, a company spokeswoman.
A brave police sniffer dog is set to make a full recovery after he was attacked by a pit bull on a drugs raid.
Lawrence, 46, said last night: "I almost lost Lobo to aliens so there was no way I'd let a gang of glue sniffers have him."
The unusually named Norton Lindsey Stilton Sniffers were formed in a village pub 16 years ago with the aim of raising cash for specific local needs.
manufacturer says it is introducing larger packaging for its Sniffers line of dog treats.
Of course, Drasner thinks Sniffers and other Chomp brands, including Yip Yap breath fresheners and Pit 'R Pat, deserve that spot.
Research and development for multi-channel communications protocols or applications usually require convenient and accurate debugging facilities, such as a packet sniffer or analyzer, to verify performance.