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Akhilesh, meanwhile, has maintained silence over the snide remark by his party's senior leader and has instead shared images of the same rally.
A snide remark about Strathblane's contribution to the war effort prompted an angry letter to the Observer.
In a statement released in Akure, John Paul Akinduro, Special Assistant, Media, to the former Governor, said a snide remark credited to the Senator on Dr Mimiko's decision to part ways with PDP, and return to Labour Party, 'is unbecoming, if not irresponsible.'
Some of the responses from politicians and journalists have been contrary to the high standard expected of them- Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl Senator Hamdullah made a snide remark about Imran Khan's previous divorces and being good at hiding his marriages.
The verbal tussle was prompted by a snide remark by no less than De Lima's nemesis, President Rodrigo Duterte, two days after she thanked Pope Francis for his 'beautiful' gift.
The snide remark irked Gauhar, so much so that the entire kitchen team that also includes Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha stopped cooking and did not prepare dinner for the rest of the family members.
Janet, who has called Katherine a "self-centred diva" in her newspaper column, also reportedly made a snide remark to the opera singer just moments before the show went live.
On the sofa he brings nothing except listlessness and the occasional snide remark towards his better-prepared colleague Lee Dixon.
Mutual frustration now operative, I made some snide remark about the irony of hauling out a tape player in the quiet wilds of northern Wisconsin; John calmly explained that he was on vacation, too, and that listening to soft music was his way of relaxing.
Though the price may make you give a snide remark in return, the Lumia 820 is the second device out of three that are a part of Nokia's latest Windows 8 Phone device range.
A 15- YEAR OLDwas severely injured when one of his classmates allegedly stabbed him over a snide remark the teen had passed about him.
Journeyman striker Dean Holdsworth once said his great strength was the way he could annoy centre-halves with a snide remark or two.
In 2012, Nirupam had passed a snide remark on Irani during a debate on a news channel.
I stopped watching it because when the public phoned, if their opinion differed from Wright's, he'd ridicule them, sometimes cutting them off so he could have a snide remark to finish the call.
David apparently made a snide remark about ``that dress'' the one Jackie didn't quite wear when she fronted the Beeb's Hogmanay show a few years back.