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sneer at (someone or something)

1. Literally, contort one's face into a disdainful, scornful, or condescending expression because of and directed at someone or something. Sarah just sneered at me when I invited her to my party. The king sneered at the artist's portrait, claiming it looked nothing like him.
2. By extension, to regard someone or something with haughty disdain, scorn, condescension, etc. I feel like the rest of the world is sneering at us because of our outdated, backwards laws. I used to sneer at the idea of working in a cubicle for eight hours a day, but once I had kids and needed steady income, it stopped sounding so unappealing.
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sneer at someone or something

to make a haughty or deprecating face at someone or something; to show one's contempt for someone or something. I asked her politely to give me some more room, and she just sneered at me. Jamie sneered at the report that Ken had submitted.
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Unlike atheists, Christians are taught not to sneer and condemn.
None of this would be surprising but for our inability to do much more than sneer when the word "politician" is tossed into a sentence.
The Republican presidential hopeful shows off a self-satisfied smirk, a jowly grin and a jeering sneer while addressing voters in Dallas.
Maybe it was Jagger's sneer, Townsend smashing up his guitar or simply H from Steps.
Backstage, after picking up his award last night, he said: "We've become a sneer culture.
A full up-and-down rebuff of my outfit, followed by a sneer and then a command to make the rest of the table sneer at me.
This got a reaction: a sneer that reeked of condescension.
We know she and her type sneer at our England flags and inflatable reindeer and package holidays.
To sneer at people who hold these views because they are allegedly members of something called the "chattering classes" (philistine-speak for people who take an informed interest in current affairs), and may or may not live in Selly Oak or Kings Heath and go to dinner parties, is gratuitously insulting and, frankly, childish.
Poor Bob was born with one eye missing and a defect which meant his face was squashed into a permanent sneer.
She really sells the book, giving Fran a cheeky attitude, the homeless girl a pathetic Cockney whine, the nephews a sleazy sneer, the various crooks menace.
When most people write about war or money or energy merely to strut their stuff or indulge a sneer, we end up laughing-as the society burns.
Sneering punk pop New York-style from a band led by a bloke who lived on that city's streets from the age of 16 so he's allowed to sneer as much as he wants.
It has become predictably fashionable for the odd - very odd - element of the national media to sit back and sneer at an occasion which has, in its own right, become a National phenomenon.
No, we won't get federal marriage rights in a Kerry administration (though his support for civil unions is nothing to sneer at).