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give a sneck posset

archaic To give a rejection, refusal, or cold reception. Primarily heard in UK. Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern after his wealthy distant relations gave a sneck posset.
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sneck posset

archaic A rejection, refusal, or cold reception; a closed door (as on a visitor). Primarily heard in UK. After receiving a veritable sneck posset from his wealthy distant relations, Milton set to drinking in the town's tavern for want of any other recourse.
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sneck up

obsolete An indignant exclamation of dismissal; to shut up or go away. Used imperatively. A: "Lo, thou art but a bare-faced upstart, an impertinent knave." B: "Sneck up, old fool! Thou art surely no authority of propriety, given thy past dealings."
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Factfile LOCATION: Sneck Yate Car Park is 11/2 miles north-east of Boltby START: Sneck Yate car park DISTANCE: 63/4 miles GOING: Moorland tracks and short stretch of minor public road.
However, estimating periodicity of less intense but more frequent surface fires, accomplished in western North America through fire scar analysis (Arno and Sneck, 1977), has proven difficult here since massive harvest and subsequent intense slash fires destroyed most of the fire scar record near the turn of the 20th century (Cwynar, 1977; Whitney, 1986; Stearns, 1987; Karamanski, 1989; Barrett, 1995).
Key People: Chamberlain, Maj Jim, 605-385-1237/40 or 605-348-7259; Josten, Capt Rick, 605-385-4925/6; Harris, Capt "AJ," 605-385-4925/6; Nealy, 1Lt Terry, 605-385-4929; Barnett, Maj John, 605-385-4925/6; Sneck, Capt Mitch, 605-385-4925/6.
SNECK It's easy to presume that snecks everywhere are called snecks, but that's not the case or at least not any more.
MAKE FRIENDS SINGLES WALKING GROUP Sutton Bank, meet Sneck Yate car park, turn left at the top of Sutton Bank and take the road to Hawnby, noon, 8-9 miles.
Treat yourself to fish and chips, or cod loin with beer butter and homemade chips and tartar sauce, in their new luxury dining room upstairs, or enjoy a pint of Cross Buttock real ale and Jennings Sneck Lifter, their tasty dark beer derived from the use of coloured malts.
She let me go, unlike the woman at what I call the sneck bar.
If your Dad's a bit of a "pie and pint" type of bloke, consider treating him to a DIY ploughman's lunch for Father's Day tomorrow - some hearty bread, good ham off the bone, tasty cheddar and a bottle of strong Sneck Lifter ale.
Of course, a British beer should go with British asparagus and Sneck Lifter (from pounds 1.51 for 500ml at Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose) is a rich, dark ale from the Lake District with aromas of oats and chocolate.
Albert Tatlock would've been impressed, able to choose between Banks' Original, Marstons' own, and the intriguingly named Jennings' Sneck Lifter.
Jennings run 128 pubs in northern England and brew a range of traditional beers including Cumberland Ale, Sneck Lifter and Cocker HoopLEISURE group Rank yesterday revealed fewer punters were visiting their bingo halls as they reported a 'muted' performance by their gaming division.
SNECK Lifter, Cocker Hoop, Black Sheep, Greene King IPA - names to get the most discernible beer drinker dribbling into their tankard.
Thirty-two-year-old Mr Pattern, married, of Low Fold, told an Examiner reporter: "I heard a rattle on the sneck and thought it was a late customer.