sneak up (on someone or something)

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sneak up (on someone or something)

To approach someone or something in a sneaky, furtive manner so as not to be noticed. Don't sneak up on me like that—you frightened the life out of me! We don't want the guards to see us, so we'll need to sneak up from the back.
See also: sneak, someone, up

sneak up on someone or something

to approach someone or something quietly and in secret. Please don't sneak up on me like that. I sneaked up on the cake, hoping no one would see me. someone did.
See also: on, sneak, up

sneak up

1. To move or operate furtively or surreptitiously toward someone: The thief sneaked up behind the tourists and stole their luggage.
2. sneak up on To approach suddenly and surprisingly: The first day of spring sneaked up on me and I still hadn't gone skiing yet. Don't sneak up on me like that!
See also: sneak, up
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"He's not sneaking up on anybody this year, so I think him getting positive yardage is a credit not only to his perseverance, because (Chicopee Comp) did a great job, he was tackled for a loss several times.''
where the barely housetrained guests kept sneaking up to the bridal suite to have sex.
For instance, most kayaks do a great job of sneaking up on fish.
Short argued that both the art-parables" appearing in the Sunday funnies and the gospel parables of Jesus often teach a powerful lesson by "sneaking up" on their audience.